Why Call When You Can Text?


Guys, if you really want to impress a woman you’re interested in, pick up that smartphone…and call her.

7 Examples of How Not to Text


Online Chat 101 (PG15+ for some coarse language)

Straight Guys: What to Do If You Get a D–k Pic


You get one of “those pictures” at 3AM. Except it’s not what you usually get. Darianna Jones takes you through how to handle it.

Man Rents Billboards to Publicly Shame Distracted Drivers in San Francisco

texting while driving

Brian Singer, a San Francisco-based designer and employee at a well-known social media company, decided to take the problem of texting-while-driving into his own hands, creating his own anti-texting campaign.

“How can anyone have an actual relationship while sexting others?”


This comment by Justin on the post “I miss You. U Wanna Meet Up?”: Breaking Up with Our Sexters

“I Miss You. U Wanna Meet Up?”: Breaking Up with Our Sexters


Kristie Christie tells the story of the time that she and her now husband, David, broke up with their sexters and flirt-texters in the name of creating space for real life intimacy.

The 4 Actual Reasons Women Aren’t Answering Your Texts


Fellas. Texting etiquette is a real thing. If a woman isn’t texting you back, here’s why.

There’s No Unsend Button: Avoid These 6 Major Texting Mistakes Most Guys Make


Texting is now an important part of dating. Here are the texting mistakes not to make.

The 10 Ways You’re Turning Off Women Without Even Realizing It


After saving the world, Good Men like to flirt and have a few drinks with the ladies too. Here’s some tips on how to do it.

The Single Guy Archives, Vol. 2. Drinks and Smartphones


The author was single once upon a time, and survived it. And wrote about it. Here, he revisits his misadventures with alcohol and mobile phones.

How to Give Great Text



Love in the Time of Text

textationship photo by kingjeorge

Erica Christina thought she was in love. Turns out she was in a textationship.

How’s Married Life?


Why does it sound like a loaded question? What are they expecting us to say?

Juggling Real and Online Life For Our Kids


In a world where we become more and more dependent on technology, Doug Zeigler tries find an equilibrium between the real and online worlds for his children.

The Texts That Will Change My Life (I Hope)

Pete Wilgoren, Good Men Project, marriage, love, i miss you

Pete Wilgoren and his wife are just two tired parents trying to make it all work at a time when the American Dream seems as far off as ever.

Confession: I Have a Bad Habit that Could Kill Me or Get Me Arrested (& I’ll Bet You’ve Done it Too)


I know it’s bad, but once you start, it’s a really hard habit to break.