How To Use Texting To Your Advantage In The Dating Game

We all text, so why not make the most of it?

Andy: No End to Good Parenting

Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads. __ There is no better place to witness the changing roles of men and women in the larger culture than through the lens of parenthood. But rather than speculate on what and how contemporary fathers do what they do, we’d like to bring […]

Please Don’t Send A Dick-Pic… Try This Instead

Jordan Gray says these four strategies do a lot more to woo the ladies than dick-pics ever will.

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Why I Fear I’ll Be Attention’s Next Victim

While I can disdainfully judge the texting driver, attention science shows how I might be doing the same thing without even realizing it.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

A break up guide for (almost) every stage of dating.

10 Daily Practices to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

I totally sweat the small stuff, because that’s the stuff that matters.

How Smart Phones And Computers Are Killing Your Relationship

Are you master or slave when it comes to modern technology? Steven Lake explores the slippery slope of disconnection when always connected.

5 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Call Back

Tor Constantino explains why men sometimes behave badly when it comes to following up after a date.

Are You Just As Flaky As Your Friends?

Is it okay to cancel plans via text? Is it better to lie about why you’re canceling, or tell the embarrassing truth? Most importantly, do you ever stand up to your friends when they flake out?

My Top 3 Pet Peeves (That Are Actually a Big Deal)

Matthew Rozsa discusses the three pet peeves that bug him the most. Someone has to do it, right?

Are We Too Glued to Our Phones?

“A guy walks into a bear…”

7 Tips To Using Your Phone On Public Transportation Without Being That Jerk Everyone Hates

Please don’t be that person.

The Teen Texting Cheat Sheet

Tor Constantino’s top 20 troublesome teen texts for parents who want to protect their kids.

57 Ridiculous Thoughts a Guy Has When a Girl Isn’t Texting Him Back

She probably lost her phone.

6 Ways To Use Technology To Improve Your Relationship

Jordan Gray says that, with a little bit of creativity, technology can be harnessed to improve your intimate relationship.

How to (Quite Possibly) Make (Girl)friends and Influence People…By Not Acting Like a Jerk

“It seems to me that truly decent, above-board and non-threatening conversational overtures often get lost in the cascading white noise of street harassment and responses to it,” writes N.C. Harrison.