Am I Putting Every Single Amazing Woman on Too High of a Pedestal?

Author Jay Cradeur shares his views on the subtle power of the feminine that is rarely acknowledged by the masculine. — I wrote the following words several years ago. At the time, all of my experiences with women were in America. Having spent the last 15 months in Southeast Asia, I have now also experienced […]

Carbon Emissions: Southeast Asia Is In Trouble

Without action on carbon emissions the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand are extremely vulnerable.

How Looking Death In The Eye Changes A Man

Author Jay Cradeur shares the five searing lessons he learned when he faced death.

2 Times Twitter Reminded Me Why I Fight

How I ended up in tears on Twitter twice.

In the Mirror: Disability, Love and Friendship

Erin Kelly believes there’s more to love and friendship than what society portrays.

White Ambition: Thailand’s Desire to Become Whiter

Phil America’s privilege as a white man prompted him to learn about the people of Thailand and abroad.

What a Man Does for the Woman He Loves

This husband takes devotion to a whole new level.

PTSD: The Trauma of Living With Trauma

It’s called “secondary trauma” — the trauma of living with trauma. For me it’s another morning that I can’t make sense of.

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Loved One

Travel, especially international travel, can cause friction between even the strongest of couples. Here are a few tips to help avoid the friction and ease it when it comes.

Freedom at Stake in Thailand as Censorship and Hatred Escalate

The Thai military is cracking down on dissenters and journalists – and some Thais are joining in with hateful nationalist sentiments of their own.

Comparison Fail: Enslaved American Child vs. Enslaved Thai Child

A recent photo-gone-viral (and the comments it generated) shows we’ve got a long way to go when it comes to understanding slavery and the needs of children.

Making Sense of Three Revolutions With A College Professor and Pretty Great Musician

Dr. Joel Tannenbaum helps me understand what the hell is going on.

This Video “My Beautiful Woman” Touched My Heart. Strongly.

Short film made in Thailand for a lingerie company talks about love and reminds us of everyday heroes who we might misjudge. Beautiful.

Sriracha Has Its Own Movie Now

Jarad Dewing awards the Oscar for “Best Hot Sauce in a Dramatic Role” to… Sriracha.

6 Pieces of Advice about Advice

Cameron Conaway on the best way to give, receive and respond to advice.

Of Travel & Targeted Ads

Cameron Conaway on how he immersed himself into new cultures, sometimes at the click of a button.