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24 Things I’m Thankful For That Aren’t Boobs (Mostly).

My Father Taught Me that Women Count and It’s Okay for Girls to Get Dirty

father and child

Edie Weinstein had a tough South Philly Street Kid father who showed her that being a woman was a good thing.

Holiday Rituals: A Thanksgiving Nation or A Christmas Nation?


Michael C. Phillip on society’s need to be more like Thanksgiving and less like Black Friday.

A Month of Thankfulness: Jehovah’s Witnesses

JW publications

JJ Vincent is thankful for what this faith did for his mother.

Zombie Holiday


In this installment of Matt Salesses’s “Love, Recorded:” loneliness, recorded.

Front Row to a Dark Drama: A Good Man Loses


Reverend Neil O’Farrell with a heartbreaking story of homelessness and those times when our help feels helpless.

Two Men with Gravy Changed Me Forever

dinner napkin 2

Two men have forever changed the food on Molly Thompson’s holiday table and her traditions for preparing it.

A Tale of Two Tables

thanksgiving table photo by sharon mollerus

Rev. Nathan Loewen asks us to consider: Who are we excluding?

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

x ray lungs photo by Andreas D

N.C. Harrison refuses to get caught up in small annoyances like broken toes or the after-effects of chemical pneumonia and instead remembers his one rule for Thanksgiving.

He Told Pizza Hut to Get Stuffed, They Gave Him His Job Back

pizza hut

David whacks Goliath in the head with a cheese stuffed meatball.

The Good Men Playlist: Songs of Thanks

songs of thanks

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a song.

Black Friday Brings Out the Worst in Human Beings


Nathan Graziano was just coming around to believe in the altruistic and kind nature of humanity during the holiday season. Then Black Friday came along.

When Being Thankful for Next to Nothing, Means Everything


Matthew Hoffman finds joy in a life uncluttered by material possessions.

Presidents with Turkeys: A Photo Album

William McKinley 1896 edited

A photographic history of the presidency’s silliest tradition.

The Greatest Thanksgiving Video of All Time

god, witness, turkeys, fly, wkrp, cincinnati, tv, show, clip, video, thanksgiving, humor, funny

There have been some hit and miss holiday promotions over the years, but this one takes the cake (pie?).

A Month of Thankfulness: On Being There

hand, black background

Ellen Piligian lost both of her parents last year, and yet she is grateful for the opportunity to be there for them when they needed her.