Thanksgiving, 1975

1975. That was the year I made a decision and learned a secret that would change my life.

5 Reasons You Need to Stop Complaining About Your Family During the Holidays

Think your family is annoying? Maybe it’s time for YOU to get over yourself.

Parenting Tips from a Homeless Man

What the homeless can teach us about raising children.

Deceptive Dad’s Open Letter to Elf-on-the-Shelf Makers

This dad lies to his kids about Santa Claus but thinks the Shelf Elf folks go too far …

Five Gifts My Transition Gave Me

Dillan DiGiovanni is grateful for the experiences he’s gained as a transgender person.

Dialogue With Those Who Matter Most

This year, Billy Flood’s Thanksgiving was defined by his father’s wisdom.

Why Your Home Matters

A Thanksgiving drive and a return to his city reminded Mike Iamele how important home is.

7 Steps to Surviving Dysfunctional Holiday Gatherings

You’ll thank Thomas Fiffer for this helpful guide to surviving hellish holiday dysfunction.

At Thanksgiving, This Dad Thanks His Mom for Making Him a Dad

As this dad thinks over his thank you list, his mom appears at the top. Here is why.

Unbelievably Bad Comics: Balanced Meal

Ever wonder what the kids really want for Thanksgiving dinner?

The Art of Regifting

Thomas Fiffer reminisces on a Thanksgiving past and the true meaning of generosity.

Some Things I am Grateful for as a Man

With the holidays coming up, here is a list of things I am thankful for.

Why Some People May Lack Holiday Cheer

Confused by why someone might be miserable at your holiday dinner? It’s important to remember personal history when considering how we treat holidays.

Reflecting on Thanksgiving in a Time of Crisis

Rabbi Adina Lewittes urges us to be hopeful and fiercely optimistic during a Thanksgiving season when the world seems upside down.

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Annual Thanksgiving is Good, but Daily Gratitude is Better

Appreciating what we have, going for what we want and enjoying the journey there, is the recipe for a happy life.