Superheroes: Allegories or Entertainment?

Are there life lessons to be learned from superheroes?

A Stuntman in Slow Motion (Video)

See the stuntman from some of your favorite films, Dante Ha, fly in slow-mo.

#49: Aurora

There were more heroes than villains in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater where twelve were killed.

The Masks We Wear

  Editor’s note: We apologize, but this article has been removed at the request of the author. For more articles about and by male survivors, please see the following links. Christopher M Anderson 1 in 6 David Pittman Robert Brown Levi Greenacres Also see our section on Trauma and Recovery

“Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is an anarchist taking advantage of the popular rage.”

These are comments by Nas Who and Mike L on the post “The Dark Knight Rises Is a Pro-Fascist Movie”.

The Girls of Gotham City: Batman’s Vixens and Villainesses

From Uma Thurman to Maggie Gyllenhaal, they plagued the city with darkness or healed it with persistence. They are the women of Gotham.

Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado – Tell Me Why We Don’t Need Gun Control Again?

A shooting in Colorado leaves 12 dead, many more wounded (including a three month old baby). Josh Bowman tries to understand how something this tragic could happen.

Gaming: Lego Batman 2 Announced [@akilshohen]

The world’s finest are getting squared off in a new multiplatform adventure game, due out this summer.

Movies: Rob Brown Is Cast in The Dark Knight Rises

The Finding Forrester actor has secured a role in the Bat sequel, but nobody knows what he’s doing.