Of Walls, Bridges and Friendship

Erin Kelly’s cerebral palsy built a wall that she believed no one could break through. These five stories come from five of her closest friends who made the choice to break through that wall and redefine friendship.

Project Possible 2.0

Erin Kelly has reinvigorated her dream of getting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Boyfriend Shaves His Head to Show “Solidarity” With Cancer Stricken Girlfriend

A gesture of love becomes an internet sensation.

Tony Okungbowa on Music, His New Film ‘Restless City’, and Life as Ellen DeGeneres’ DJ

Joanna Schroeder chats with Ellen DeGeneres’ sidekick, Tony Okungbowa, about his new film Restless City, which is the story of a Senegalese immigrant making his way in New York City.