When’s A Guy Good Enough?

A cab driver presents a rhetorical question and warns us about the dangers of higher education for men.

The Disposability of Boys

The UN’s recent reports on the treatment of children in Syria and in the Roman Catholic Church revealed some of the despicable acts committed against boys that are part of a disturbing and hidden global trend.

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Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes

Does the stereotypical man exist?

Unlocking the Gender Straitjacket

Peter Folan sees an opportunity for growth, not ‘The End of Men.’

The Gender Connection: A Conversation About The Future of Boys

Between Mark Sherman and Lisa Levey, 10 of the people they love the most are boys and men. The issues of men and boys is critically important to them. They are starting a conversation to try to bridge the gap.

Here We Go Again – The End of Men Debate

Danielle Paradis is so tired of divisive debates that accomplish nothing but alienating men and women from one another.

Mrs. Antihero

We love to watch bad guys on TV. Why do we love to hate their wives almost as much?

University of Colorado: Conference on Masculine Affairs

It can be uncomfortable for men to talk about manhood or what it means to be a good father; as well as showing that men can rise above this and decide the issues at hand are too important to stay quiet.

Men May Be Disposable, But They Are Not Ending

Pelle Billing calls for greater respect for the men who build everything from bridges to the internet.

Smashing Male Stereotypes

We’re not all stereotypical, but even men who fit a mold are still real.

Is It Fair to Believe Men Can Be Summed Up By Our Desire to Drink, F*** and Swear?

Even “regular guys” aren’t two-dimensional stereotypes, says Tom Matlack.

Normal for Now

Our beliefs and values surrounding concepts like family, childhood, and masculinity, are products of our time and culture.

A Real-Life Sitcom Moment

Starring his business-savvy wife, their precocious children, and Mark Welte: homunculus.

“The End of Men” on Al-Jazeera Stream

The Good Men Project’s own Noah Brand weighs in against Hanna Rosin’s notion of “The End of Men”

‘The End of Men’ Turned Me Into a Caricature

Andy Hinds was shocked by the way Hanna Rosin portrayed his life in her book ‘The End of Men’ – and he wants to set the record straight.

Are Men Lazy?

The majority of women say they want to be stay at home mothers. What does this mean for the finances of our families?