Good Men, Good Fathers: the Best of Father’s Day from The Good Men Project

Thanks, Dad.

Good Men Project CEO Lisa Hickey on The Humble Warrior Podcast

Chris Forte interviews our very own CEO, Lisa Hickey, and they discusses the concepts and inspiration behind Good Men Media.

We’re Changing the Future of Our World….Be a Part of Our History.

Ever wonder how The Good Men Project got started, and how to join our community of #changemakers?

We Eat Stereotypes For Lunch Around Here

Join The Good Men Project community. It’s the conversation no one else is having. Even after all these years.

7 Reasons to Buy The Original Good Men Project Anthology

Looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day? Or do you just want to read the 31 original stories that inspired The Good Men Project mission? Here are seven great reasons….

Masculinity is Much More Than Money and Muscles. Yes Really.

The Good Men Project Community talks with Publisher and CEO, Lisa Hickey, about what it means to be a man today.

31 Reasons to Join The Good Men Project Premium Member Community

Why what we are doing here is so important.

Join Us In Changing the Conversation About Men and Masculinity in the 21st Century

The Good Men Project is the only large-scale international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. There are plenty of ways to join in.

What Have You Had Enough Of? (Call for Submissions)

From ads about drugs to zombies, what are we overly saturated with in today’s society?

Why Be a Premium Member? Just Look at What We Have Helped to Change

We’re the guys who eat stereotypes for lunch. So just what is it we are trying to change?

When “On the Verge” Turns To Abject Failure

Shawn Henfling finds himself held back by the invisible clutches of depression.

I Just Don’t Get It! Call for Submissions

What—in all honesty—do you just not get about your friends, family, and society? Tell us what you think.

Good Men Project Dreams: A Conversation With Entrepreneur Aurora Cady

An exclusive Good Men Project video series—hosted by Ken Goldstein—designed to capture the heart of the entrepreneurial mission.

Hey Writers! Let’s Break the Taboo Of…A Call for Submissions

What closets haven’t we opened or addressed that will lead to a better, healthier culture for everyone?

10 Things I Never Imagined I Needed to Say to My Teen Son

Teenage sons, right?

Don’t Just Read the News. Be the News.

If you have interest in how men are changing in the 21st century, and want the benefits of writing for a large, engaged and growing platform, consider joining The Good Men Project team.