Masculinity, Terrorism and Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo

If you don’t want the fallout of a confused and pathological masculinity, don’t create it in the first place.

Reconnecting Children With Nature Isn’t A Luxury – It’s An Insurance Policy For The Future

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One father overturned his relationship with his kids. Here’s how he did it.

There’s a Simple Answer For How to Get More Men Into ‘Pink Collar’ Jobs


Lynn Beisner thinks it’d be easy to get men into “pink collar” jobs. What’s not easy is valuing all employees the same, and paying everyone a living wage.

Unspoken Assumptions: When Men are the Dead


The death toll at the Turkey mine disaster has now reached 232, and “hopes are diminishing” for the many others still trapped. Women aren’t mentioned, so we can assume the dead are men.

Turning the Tables: When Women Direct Sexist Remarks at Men (video)

tables turned

Leah Green went undercover to find out what would happen if a woman used sexist remarks when talking with men.

What is Hip? Confessions of a Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie


Maybe it’s envy, maybe a generational thing, maybe hubris of a less-than-Hip nature, but Jon Magidsohn freely admits that he feels no pressure to speak Hipsters’ language or follow their politics or wear their clothes or read their blogs or pass their quizzes.

FIFA’s Dark Side


As the international football organization prepares for the World Cup in Brazil next year, riots in that country and reports of conditions amounting to modern-day slavery for the workers helping Qatar prepare for the 2022 World Cup lead Ged Naughton to wonder about FIFA’s business model.

Chris Brown and a Nation of Raped Boys

AP C Brown

What if we have been normalizing male rape victims’ symptoms for centuries?

Does the World Need a Global Men’s Movement?

Global Men's Movement

An online poll has sparked a lively debate between the different factions of the global men’s movement.

British Officials May Consider Bill to Pardon Gay WWII Codebreaker Alan Turing Posthumously

alan turing

Officials within the British government have indicated they would support a bill to pardon the legendary World War II codebreaker Alan Turing posthumously.

PRISM: Privacy Revoked in Security Measure

I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

The NSA spies on us. All of us. All the time. Greg Olear wonders why we aren’t more pissed off about it.

Didn’t Ask? Don’t Share

small realm

Zach Stafford wants to remind you that the internet is like a phone, but with a speaker. That sext you send may live forever…and prompt others to take action.

Ghettotainment: Charles Ramsey and the Rise of Racial Tourism

Charles Ramsey, Ghettotourism, Ghettotainment, racial tourism, racism, racial stereotypes, Nico Lang,

Nico Lang wonders if the real reason we’re interested in Charles Ramsey is not because he’s a hero, but rather because he confirms our stereotype of the “hilarious Black neighbor.”

I’m Sorry, But I Love You

male narcissists, low self esteem, pick up artists, dating

Andy Bodle goes for a gorgeous girl with low self esteem, and finds himself mysteriously outclassed by everyone.

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Do Men Prefer Feminism, Football or Fight Club?

Fighting and Feminism Pic

f we want men to talk about men’s issues then we have to stop dressing them up in feminist clothing says Glen Poole, our international men’s movement editor


Angel 2001

Lowering his beauty standards proves too high a challenge for Andy Bodle.