A Letter to the People Who Hate Us Because of What Happened to Our Gay Son

linda robertson son loss

Linda Robertson addresses the hate she has been receiving surrounding the recent death of her son.

A Triple Dog Dare


The post-internet world can still get their kids outside to have fun. We just have to show them how.

Growing Up With My Daughter


Jon Vaughn shares the story of the remarkable relationship between he and his daughter, despite growing up in different ways.

The Difference Between Tolerance And Acceptance


We need to stop interchanging the words “tolerance” and acceptance”, Brynn Tarrenhill says. Tolerance is no longer enough. Here’s how this can change.

My Love-Hate Relationship With Online Dating


Jon Vaughn is no expert in the online dating world, but here are a few things he’s found that are helpful to avoid.

The Three Most Important Steps to Raising a Happy Child


Life coach Dave Kanegis shares the ways to empower and communicate well with your child.

Not Ready To Love A Gay Child? Then Don’t Have Kids


Parents need to do better, says Amelia. Especially when it comes to their children coming out.

But Who Is Mary? My Daughter Starts Catholic School


There were a few things William Lucas Walker had to explain to his non-Catholic daughter after sending her off to an all-girls Catholic school.

Bullying: Your Kids Are Keeping Mum


David Kanegis calls for teachers and parents to really play an active role in the prevention and ending of bullying.

I Moved In With My In-Laws, And Here’s How It Worked.


Yes, you read that right. Joe Deprospero purposely moved in with his parents-in-law. And it wasn’t a total nightmare. In fact, it worked.

Pollute the Mind to Clean the Earth


Pornhub vows to plant a tree for every 100 videos watched, but only for those in the “Big Dick” category.

Don’t Be Mad at the Beastie Boys Because of the GoldieBlox ‘Girls’ Parody Lawsuit

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 9.30.10 PM

What you may not know about The Beastie Boys and GoldieBlox’s legal battle.

Human Trafficking Is About More Than Sex


Cameron Conaway points out that, “So long as our public consciousness remains rooted in the sex part of human trafficking, we will never be able to seriously tackle the crime.”

Bye-bye Binary

No binary photo by tobyotter

Dr. Aqualus Gordon believes straight men who find themselves attracted to other men should require no explanation and should definitely not be seen as pathological.

Prince Charles Draws Out the Best in Young People


Prince Charles’ organization, The Prince’s Trust, has spent almost four decades drawing out the best in young people from all walks of life.

Stop Painting Your Ex as a Horrible, Negligent Addict and Resolve Your Divorce Guilt


Divorce attorney Morghan Leia Richardson critiques divorce guilt.