I Am a Man Who Stutters

For men, stuttering is often misunderstood as a sign of weakness. How can we be tough when we have trouble expressing ourselves or saying what’s on our minds?

On Accents, English and American

Lewis Lehe riffs on English accents, discussing the possible replacement of Received Pronunciation with Dizzeerascalian.

“Males are at least 5 times more likely to stutter as females.”

This comment was from wellokaythen on the post: Solitude: A Stutterer’s Reflection.

The King’s (Non-Controversial, Non-Political) Speech

Isn’t it curious that at this year’s Academy Awards, only one winner used the opportunity to share his political views or make a bold statement?

A Very Manly Oscar Season

This year’s batch of Oscar contenders are good—and pretty damn masculine. It’s not the Academy causing the imbalance, it’s Hollywood.

Good Comment of the Day: A Stutter Won’t Keep a Good Man Down

“Go ahead, Joe Biden. You’ve earned the right to enjoy talking.”

‘The King’s Speech’: A Stutterer’s Reflection

“Colin Firth’s character and I have the same speech impediment: stuttering. I may not be a king, but this movie is my life.”