Are Men Working Too Hard for Too Much?

Is it possible that working fewer hours would make men worth more, and help to close the gender gap in wages in the bargain?

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The Grief Performance: Football’s Concussions and Controversies

Ronald Metellus on concussions, Manti Te’o, and the complicity of fandom.

Middle-class White Guy Exposes Six Signs of Dadscrimination

From Katherine Heigl movies to the Great Potty Disparity, writer Jerry Mahoney calls out Mommification

Admiring the Ugandans Who March for Gay Pride

Irishman Peter Houlihan admires the people who marched for gay pride in Uganda, where homosexuality is a capital offense and believes their bravery is a beautiful thing.

Titans Receiver O.J. Murdock Apparent Suicide

Justin Cascio examines the high cost of fame, including the apparent suicide of O.J. Murdock.

Top Ten Reasons a Literary Snob Won’t Go Out with You

Being a snob means being discerning and exclusive. Try not to take it too hard.

Should There Be Laws Protecting Children From Playing Football?

Liam Day wonders how parents letting a 5 year-old play football is much different than the “tanorexic” mother who put her 5 year-old in a tanning bed.

Is There a Moral to John Edwards?

The moral of the Edwards trial is the extent to which we collectively have lost track of what is important and, in fact, have lost track of the truth of what it means to be a man.

Are You Shittin’ Me? Jamie Lee Curtis + Activia = Normal

Jamie Reidy reveals how a Hollywood superstar altered him as a human being.

The Accidental Gay Rights Heroes

Joanna Schroeder wonders how the real story of the men behind Lawrence v Texas impacts the LGBT-rights movement.

Facebook’s COO Tells Women to Get Aggressive

Is there a glass ceiling or do women need to get in gear?

How to Get Dumped by a Hollywood Starlet

Mark Radcliffe reveals how breaking off a short-lived romance can hurt just as much as a long relationship.