Backlash for Backstrom

James Halcomb deconstructs Fox’s new crime drama.

On Male Friendships: The Top Eight On-Screen Wingmen, Sidekicks, and Partners in Crime

From Wayne’s World to The Big Lebowski to Tombstone to Swingers, Michael Kasdan goes to the movies to explore male friendships, wingmen, sidekicks, and partners In crime.

Proof That Men Can Dance Too. When We Want To …

Michael Kasdan found the let-it-all-hang-out joy of this video contagious, and was dancing in his chair. You will too. So dance like nobody’s watching. Or, you know, everybody.

How I Quit Chasing the American Dream

D. T. Brown didn’t quit owning things. He quit materialism.

Corporate Firefighters

Kevin Buckholtz’s workplace is not on fire. So why are his co-workers always “putting out fires”?

Rashida Jones Shares Her Thoughts on Love

The star of The Office and Parks and Rec speaks about why finding “the one” is depressing, equality in relationships, and about letting go.

Ten 80s Comedies That Hold Up (and Five That Don’t)

Josh Bowman and Joanna Schroeder got all nostalgic and came up with a list of some classic comedies that still work today, and a few that are firmly stuck in the 80s.

Oscars = Tuxedos

Jamie Reidy smacks down the Good Men Project founder’s argument that men should be allowed to wear dresses to the Academy Awards.

When Does a Workplace Friendship Cross the Line? In ‘The Office’, for Starters

Jake DiMare wonders: When does being ‘close friends’ cross the line?

Stop and Smell the Scotch

The last time you looked in the mirror, what did you see?

The Top 10 Good Men on TV

You are aware that there is an invention called television–and on this invention they show shows, right? Well, sometimes those shows feature good men.

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