It’s Perfectly Okay to Not Know if Someone is Your Forever Right Away

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Nothing in the universe is certain.

There is Only One Type of Woman Worth Chasing in This Life

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This is the only type of partner we ought to ever settle down with as it is the only type of relationship that has hope for a better future built into its genetics.

7 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

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Myke Macapinlac says that your values, past, and communication determine a lot about whether or not they’re the right one for you.

Why Searching for a Soul Mate Will Leave You Empty-Handed


If you want to be part of a successful relationship, you must be willing and able to invest the effort required to make it work, regardless of any obstacle that stands in your way.

Letting Go and Saying Hello – A Guide To Meeting ‘That’ Girl

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Jasmin Newman says that the value in knowing your self worth is immeasurable.

The Agony Of Realizing That “The One” Is Now Somebody You Used To Know


You neither can nor should try to avoid the sadness of love. There is always some loss associated with loving a person.

She’s Not the One

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The relentless pursuit of ‘the one’ almost ruined every relationship I’ve ever had.

How To Know If Your Relationship Has Potential

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Jordan Gray sheds light on whether or not your new relationship has any serious potential.

8 Signs You’ve Found The Woman You Should Make Your Wife


A few great reasons why the love of your life should be the lady in your life.

Why The Person You Love Should Be Your Favorite Hello And Your Hardest Goodbye


A dark, but realistic look at meeting ‘The One’. ‘Chick flick’ fans need not read.

The Search Is Over: 4 Signs Your Guy Is The Prince Charming You’ve Been Looking For


How can men find out what women want? By reading what they write. A young female writer drops some knowledge about what makes a man Mr. Right.

When You Find The Right Person, She’ll Be The Most Beautiful Girl You Know


When you fall in love with someone, everything about them, every quirk, every flaw, becomes beautiful.

Someone Perfect For You Is Out There, But Stop Looking


Paul Hudson pleads with his Gen Y tribe to stop looking for ‘The One’, because they could miss the ‘right’ one.

10 Signs You’ve Made A Mistake And Let The Wrong Person Go


How to realize when you’ve pushed away the love of your life.

The Harsh Truth About Whether Or Not There Is Someone For Everyone


Paul Hudson’s take on the ‘soul mate’ concept? Brutal. Why? Read on.

It’s All In Your Head: Why ‘The One’ Doesn’t Really Exist


A writer openly ponders the concept of ‘The One’. Her main question? Is there a ‘One’?