Top Ten Films to Watch on Valentines Day

Men are you short on ideas for Valentine’s Day? Share these films with your special someone.

’50 Shades of Grey:’ The Debate

Whether or not you’ll be watching ’50 Shades of Grey,’ you’ll be asked to discuss it’s worth. James Halcomb gives you other options this Valentine’s Day.

The Dirty Two Dozen: Movie Bad Guys Who Crack Us Up, Part II

Mike Kasdan takes a look the iconic movie bad guys we love to laugh at, from Shooter McGavin to Principal Rooney to Mr. Pink.

The Power of Men’s Love

Andrew Smiler argues that men’s love is incredibly powerful and that American culture can’t deal.

‘Is This a Kissing Book?’ The Princess Bride Teaches Boys to Appreciate Love Stories

Bruce Ditman is passionate about the epic fairytale The Princess Bride, which reminds us that emotion isn’t poison and love stories aren’t just for girls.

Who Needs a Soulmate Anyway?

If love isn’t a magical force predestined by the universe, then what is it?

I Eat My Pain

In Jackie Summers’ experience, people are always telling you to “just get over it” when it comes to emotional pain. They rarely, as Jackie does here, tell you how.

A Cloak, a Scythe, and Sweet Halloween Revenge

After a viewing of Children of the Corn, Joanna Schroeder and her dad hatch a plan to scare the living shit out of her older brother and his friends in true Halloween fashion.

My Gay Nineties

Before realizing the truth about himself, Tom Keiser had little idea what being gay meant, other than as an ineffective synonym for “happy.”