Listen in on the Conversation About Taking the Amour Off and Getting Naked


How can any of us get to the place where we can start exposing our soft underbelly to someone else?

Be Not Afraid: The Walker Stalkers Con Documentary Kickstarter Campaign


You can walk up every day and look forward to “work” you love. Here how.

Can We Have Connection During An Apocalypse?

Russell Wilson

How can any of us get to the place where we remove the armour, get naked, and start exposing our soft underbelly to someone else?

Post-Toy Fair Wrap Up: New Diamond Select Items Coming This Summer!


Alex Yarde previews Diamond Select Toys MUST HAVES this summer for pre-order!

Don’t Feed the Machine: Give the Gift of Presence This Year


The machine of capitalism is hungry. Are you willing to stop feeding it, at least for a little bit? Doug Zeigler ponders valuing things over presence.

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Daryl Dixon is a Good Man Among Zombies


Brandy Pettigrew’s whole family watches AMC’s zombiefest. Why? For the good men, of course.

Vegetarian Zombies?

zombi movie poster2

Would zombies still be scary if they didn’t eat people?

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Hershel was a Good Man Among Zombies


Brandy Pettigrew remembers Hershel, the beloved patriarch of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.

Wayne Maguire’s INKED IKONS


Freelance Artist Wayne Maguires selections entitled “INKED IKONS” blew Alex Yarde away!

Geek Cast Live Podcast meets All Things Geek!


On this week’s Geek Cast Live, the gang interviews Alex Yarde in his podcast debut!

The Walking Dead’s “Us” Episode Sets Up Season Four’s Finale


After the trauma of “The Grove” we get a small reprieve and Alex Yarde reviews “Us” before the season finale.

7 Symptoms of a Vitamin J Deficiency


Do you suffer from Vitamin J Deficiency? Jacob Nordby lists the symptoms and explains why this could be much worse than a zombie attack.

Spoiler Alert: It’s On You To Avoid Spoilers – Even For ‘The Walking Dead’

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

Joanna Schroeder was chastised for posting Walking Dead spoilers on Twitter after the show aired… And she’s none too pleased about it.

I Cheer for the Bad Guys

I cheer for the bad guys

Jason Buch on the appeal of movie villains.

Zombies Ate My Baby: 7 Parenting Lessons from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, AMC, TV, parenthood, parenting, The Good Life, The Good Men Project, Dan Coxon

Dan Coxon prepares his children for their post-apocalyptic future with advice from the AMC hit TV show, ‘The Walking Dead.’

Talking ‘Dead’ With Walking Dead Writer Jay Bonansinga


Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga tells us The Good Men Project about what to expect this season, and about the release of his new novel.