12 Films about News Journalism to Watch with Your High School or College Kids

Films can be a great teaching tool. Kip Robisch picks a dozen on journalism.

Urban Camouflage

Steven LaFond on coming to terms with white privilege — which gives him the ability to reinvent himself whenever he wants.

Walking With Soulless Haste

Derek Bardowell takes to London’s streets in an attempt to lose himself, and finds subtly pervasive racism – hidden in the cracks and people’s attitudes.

Is Gender a Curse on Platonic Friendship?

Damon Young re-examines everything he thought he knew about platonic friendships between men and women.

Ten things I’ve learned from watching “The Wire”

Josh Bowman writes about many of the lessons he has learned from watching David Simon’s masterpiece, The Wire.

Open Thread: Gay-Straight, or Straight-Gay…Which Actor Plays “Opposite” Best?

The Good Feed Blog Editors want to know which actor plays opposite his/her sexual preference the best.

‘Cool’ is More Important Than ‘Swag’

Damon Young explains that when it comes to meeting women, coolness is more important than swagger, and actor Idris Elba is the perfect embodiment of how to make that work for you.

How to Make a Critically Acclaimed TV Show About Masculinity

What does it mean to be a man? No one really knows, but it makes for some damn good television.

News: Word on the Tweets from August 14, 2011

A summary of news items from our webcast It’s Komplicated on the Geekweek Network.

Oklahoma City Thunder as ‘Toy Story’

Kevin Durant is Woody and Russell Westbrook is Buzz Lightyear.

Dennis Lehane on Good and Evil in Literature

“The things that take the most work—pulling something of depth out of yourself—are the most valuable.”

For F**k’s Sake

Foul language isn’t used to develop character. It’s dropped in to remind viewers that they’re privileged to be watching cable TV.

Mad Men Goes to School

It was only a matter of time before Mad Men seeped into academia. Now UC Berkeley offers a course on the already iconic 1960s-set show.