Curtains Up!


In the theater, we can set aside our differences and be united in the power of our stories.

The Unexpected, Ignored, Non-Virtue of Being Gay


Memory isn’t just a Throwback Thursday sentimental indulgence. Often it’s a backward glance that can propel us forward.

Exploring the Intersection of Humor and Healing

Ed Crasnick

Emmy-winning comedian Ed Crasnick merges humor and healing to nurture personal breakthroughs.

In Paris, A Bohemian Love at First Sight


Queue the squeezebox and pop the champagne. This story of courtship gives us a reason to believe in mature romance.

A Drug to Cure Racism (Video)


Now if only there were a punditry ointment.

Father Figuring


Joe Hutcheson doesn’t quite get his dad, and his dad doesn’t quite get him. And that’s okay.

Why I Didn’t Sign Up For the Military


One millennial admits why he never signed up for the military. It’s not because he doesn’t want to fight.

After Seeing Fine Arts Being Cut From Schools … Will My Child Have the Same Opportunities That I Did? (Video)


The short documentary “The Missing Note” shows how fine arts are not just fun but integral for students and their education and what we can do to save them.

Jennifer Lawrence Has a Fan-Girl Moment When She Meets Jack Nicholson for the First Time (Video)


What celebrity would make you say OMG?

The Case Against Saving for College


What is the best way to invest in your child’s education?

Anything Girls Can Do

Donald VOUGUE NEW SCAN lanscape

Donald D’Haene has spent much of his life proving he can do anything that girls can.

Dear John: He Wants His Space … After Three Years


Dear John gives advice about a suddenly distant boyfriend, a guy who dresses below his age, and friends bashing a son’s career choice.