Learn All You Can Through Your Challenges

Challenges are a normal part of everyday life. As you overcome them, gain as much knowledge as you can from the challenges.

When You Are Not Enough

Dr. Margaret Rutherford on knowing when a loved one’s self destruction is too far out of your control.

Isolation Is A Killer. Asking For Help Is All We Can Do

Shawn Henfling speaks about his own battle with depression and an actionable plan for helping others

Feel What You Feel and Don’t Displace It

Or at the very least you can choose to hold in that feeling until you are somewhere it can be expressed. If you’re sick and tired of your senator you can find ways to put that feeling into action instead of just getting a bunch of drinks every time he or she says something that makes you cringe. You can channel that energy into electing the new candidate. You can learn meditation, work out, and find what works for you because now you’re not yelling at your kids, picking a fight with the neighbor, or letting “little things” mean so much more than you rationally know that they do.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Dr. Max Belkin offers insight into your self-sabotaging behaviors and offers ways to stop.

Movember: Save Your Pits and Your Mental Health

This Movember, Sean Swaby will not shave any of his hair, not even his pits. His hair will be doing the work to raise awareness, raise funds and to raise eyebrows for men’s health.

Using Therapy to Overcome Common Marriage Blunders and Avoid Divorce

Some problems are worth fighting through, especially in a marriage.

The ‘Talking Cure’ Does Not Work Without Action

So you’re on the couch talking, but now what?

A Panic Attack and Katy Perry Helped Me Embrace My Sexuality

After an emotional therapy session, Jonathan Delavan was able to come to grips with a part of his life he’d nearly forsaken.

Forgiveness Is a Choice, Not a Mandate

Ross Rosenberg explains that when you’ve been hurt, forgiveness is not mandatory.

Men See and Feel it, but Can’t Always Name it

“Men are constantly being told we have to be strong and in control when we can barely get out of bed in the morning and every decision takes all the focus and energy we have.” – D

What Does Life After God Sound and Look Like?

Where can we go when we give up the life of belief? A Year Without God: The Film‘s Ryan Bell has started a new venture, the website and podcast Life After God that focuses on counseling—and preaching to—the former congregation. — Where do believers go when their faith has run out? Is there a place […]

Self Loathing and My Remarkable Mind

Julianne Leow has reached some startling self realizations. An epiphany of the mind may be just what the doctor ordered.

What My Son’s Stay in a Psychiatric Hospital Taught Me About Resilience

Neither he, nor I, can pinpoint one obviously traumatic event that created his pain, but his life is littered with pain past and present. It is pain from a thousand tiny cuts that add up to one massive hemorrhage.

How Much Attention Should You Give Your Wife?

Does “emotional vampire” come to mind when you think of your wife’s need for attention? If so, Dr. Steve suggests you look in the mirror and see if there is a reflection.

What is an Emotional Affair?

Are you really cheating on your long-term parnter if you’re not even having sex?