Islam and the Vision of America’s Founding Fathers

What would the founding fathers think of Donald Trump?

A Wall of Separation From Religion in the U.S.

Does separation between religion and government exist in the U.S.A. anymore? Do we have freedom from religion?

A Few Reasons Why Republicans Have to Stop Saying President Obama is the Worst President in History

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Nelson Mandela: Why the Backlash is Wrong

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Inspiration Following Divorce In Middle Age

It’s unfair to feel sorry for ourselves just because we’ve reached a certain age. In middle age, divorce can ignite us with energy.

NRA, Slavery, Cigarettes, Guns, Lincoln, Mad Men, Cloud Atlas & the Evil of the Assault Weapon Industry

In this incarnation of the strong against the weak, it’s a maniac with an assault rifle versus school children.

Walking Away From Empire

Guy McPherson believes opting out is the first step toward dismantling American Empire

We Don’t Want to Play Anymore

David Olimpio wanted to be a spy when he grew up. Now he’s glad he left violent games in boyhood, and worries about the men who did not.

Liberty and Death: What a Man Can Do With a Gun

Second amendment rights come with limits, including discipline and regulation.