Don’t Cry, You Just Got Dunked On…

This catchy basketball rap will have you and your kids making everyone cry—‘cuz they just got Dunked On!

Throw Away Your Cookie Cutters

This holiday season, Jarad Dewing urges you to forgo the traditional molds and let creativity reign.

Gun Dreams

In our fantasies, a gun ends all arguments in our favor.

Video: Awesome Dad Sends Son’s Toy Train to Space

Video – Awesome dad Ron Fugelseth attached his son’s favorite Thomas the Tank Engine character—Stanley—to a weather balloon for a joy-filled trip to space and back.

Confession Time: I Quit Potty Training My Kids

Jerry Mahoney tried every potty training method available with his 3 year-old twins. Finally, he chose happiness in diapers over misery and an Elmo potty.