The Wonders Within Your Head

The inside of your head is where all of your thoughts, functions, and feelings come from. This vintage infographic shows where all of the important jobs of our brain are located within our heads.

Why You Need a Personal Mission Statement

Matt Shumate is a man with a mission. What’s yours?

Quitting Smoking, Writing, And The Insanity Behind It All

When you quit smoking nothing else matters, not even your passions.

3 Internal Voices That Speak to Men

When thoughts tell me to “be calm and breathe”, when my emotionally suppressed little boy cries in pain, and when the voice of spirit nudges me towards leaving a relationship.

Healing: Putting The Word Into Action

Healing is a verb, yet if we really examine how medicine and society treats the process of healing, it is regarded more as a noun.

Interesting Things

Are they simple, are they thoughts, or are these interesting things simply thoughtful?

The Four Types of Men: Part II – The Philosopher

These days, our philosophers are comedians, writers, religious leaders, professors, and teachers. People today don’t respect classical philosophers like they used to. I think it’s a shame, because there are a lot of admirable traits to The Philosopher.

Science: New Technology Translates Thoughts Into Speech [#future]

The future is coming, ready or not. Your brain will soon be just another fancy hard drive …