I’m Rooting for Tiger Woods and It Has Nothing to Do With Golf

Tiger and Earl Woods

Nathaniel Turner, on fathers, sons, and granting a mulligan.

Tiger Woods’ Touching Letter To a Young Fan


Making a few mistakes in personal life and on the golf course doesn’t stop Tiger Woods from giving support to a teenager who needs it.   Tiger Woods recently offered his support to a young fan, Dillon, who was dealing with being bullied and feeling isolated, because of his stutter. Tiger wrote him the following : […]

Say What?! The Sporting Week In Quotes, Masters Edition

Jordan Spieth

Masters champion Jordan Spieth takes centre stage this week, alongside him Messrs Woods and Nicklaus, as David Packman looks back at last week’s memorable sporting quotes. (April 9-15)

Building Traditions on Dreams

APTOPIX Masters Golf

To err is human, but that doesn’t make what happened in Indianapolis at the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship Game any easier. The Friday Sports Dump is here to review the week and give it to you straight.

The Sporting Week . . . In Quotes: Say What?


Djokovic and Jeter are just some of the names in the spotlight as we look at the most memorable quotes from the world of sport in the past week. (April 2-8) ___   World No.1 Novak Djokovic led the way this week after his surprise at being labelled a veteran. He’s only 27-years-old, but the […]

Winning The Masters: What it Takes and Who Will Win

Bones and Lefty

It takes more than grit to win The Masters, and it’s more specific than it used to be. Adam Crawford predicts who will win and why it matters.

Is it Time for Tiger Woods To Reassert His Legacy?

Tiger and Joe

Tiger Woods has been trying to glue his legacy back together for almost six years. Is it time the glue set?

Golf: A Sport of Frailty and Redemption


Adam Crawford explains how the theme of redemption runs through the core of the sport of golf and why that attracts us to the game.

28 Black People Who Should Inspire You — Charlie Sifford


He’s been called the Jackie Robinson of golf.

Say What? (Version 1.0)


In this new regular weekly feature, The Good Men Project Sports team will take a look at the top ten most memorable quotes from the world of sport in the past week.

Sports Explained: Golf

Golf - Caddyshack - GMP

From Caddyshack to Happy Gilmore. From Tiger to the Golden Bear. From Augusta to Pebble Beach. Wai Sallas, on Golf.

Michelle Wie is Finally Ready To Be the Next Big Thing

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie’s critics forgot all along that she was only a young person struggling with the same issues all young people struggle with, namely becoming an adult. Now that she has, Liam Day believes she could be on the brink of the greatness every assumed for her when she was 13.

Golf Digest’s Cover Reeks of Desperation


Members of the LPGA are rightly protesting Golf Digest’s decision to put non-golfer Paulina Gretzky on its cover. Liam Day believes it says as much about the sorry state of golf as it does about the continuing sexism in the publishing world.

Major Pain Comes Before Major Gain

jason dufner, golf, PGA

Tim O’Connor examines how Jason Dufner’s PGA Championship victory proved once again that to win spectacularly at most anything, you had to have failed spectacularly.

Infidelity and Powerful Men

Weiner-Abedin 2013_08_13 zennie62

What the Anthony Weiner scandal teaches us about cheating and power dynamics between the sexes in America.

Masters Coverage: The Early Rounds Live From Augusta


In the second of three reports, Drew Williamson gives us his take on The Masters early rounds.