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Tim Gunn’s 5 Rules for a Fabulous Relationship

Fashion Godfather Tim Gunn never talks about relationships, but Tor Constantino still gleans some relevant—albeit unintended—marriage advice.

Beyond LGBT’s 4 M’s: Marriage, Military, Media & Money

Professor Warren Blumenfeld reflects on the past, present and future of the LGBT movement.

What Men Like In Bed

Noah posted yesterday on hegemonic heterosexuality and the Cult of Shitty Relationships. In this post I’d like to pick out one thread of it to discuss. Specifically, the archetypical, hegemonic idea of what men want in bed. I was prompted to think about this by Cosmo, which I am tragically addicted to, and which is […]

Top 10 Good Men of 2010: Dan Savage

The national conversation Savage sparked gives voice and a permanent resource to closeted and openly gay youth—and the people who care for them.