This Is What War Feels Like

KORENGAL, a new film directed by Sebastian Junger, opens in New York City.

Tim Hetherington: Photojournalist, Giant

Fellow photojournalist Michael Kamber pays tribute to his fallen friend and offers an intimate glimpse into what made Hetherington such a remarkable man.

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3rd Child Dead in Ohio

How did guns, video games, war and manhood play a role?

A Conversation With Tim Hetherington

“He was like Hercules. I’m surprised the shell that killed him didn’t just bounce off.”

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Remembering Tim

It’s coming up on a year since arguably the most talented war photojournalist of our time died in Libya. It’s time to remember him.

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The New Macho

What does it mean to be ‘assertively, self-consciously male’ now?

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Memorial Day

War, Manhood, and Goodness. How Tim Hetherington’s life showed us all something profound about what it means to love one another and be good men.

Good Morning Links

There are 11 days left until the end of the world, so act accordingly. Here are some links to other items of note.

Insanity: Going to War With Fake Legs and a Camera

Joao Silva, war photographer injured in Afghanistan, wants to go to Libya when he gets his prosthetic legs. Cam Martin thinks that’s nuts.

R.I.P. Tim Hetherington

The photojournalist and co-director of ‘Restrepo’ was killed while on assignment in Libya.