I no. 3 am not a guard at the local prison cell


Croked Door to a Salon

I was at a food festival yesterday in Bethesda Maryland USA; so I turned away from the food—the best picture is always behind you—and took this photograph. Perfect light: clouds which diffused the 9 a.m. stuff from the good old sun.

100,000 Windows

I took this photograph at 12:12 in the afternoon, while about to have lunch in an apartment on the 30th floor in New York City.  This picture is one of 30 digital photographs I am exhibiting until Oct. 14 at Prudential PenFed Realty:  216 7th Street S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003 (Eastern Market/Capitol Hill).  My work is for sale, and I am happy to announce that a curator at the National Gallery of Art purchased one of my pieces.  If you would like one, send me an email at ruanetimothy430@gmail.com.  Thank you so much.

Just Past Aisle 2

Just Past Aisle 2   I assured myself that she was virgin For I wanted Allah now on Earth Hitched her definition The thin black bras Straps and hooks And described by her charcoal contour drawing jeans Tight dripping morphine meticulous methodic symmetric Into my automatic nervous system And as if love Signifying two gods […]

Arby’s at 10, 10:30 No. 2

2 2 Arby's drive-thru july 10 2012

Soda Machine in the Summer

I took this picture at 20 after 8 this morning on the boardwalk of Bethany Beach Delaware USA.  I overexposed the shot by 2 stops, so I don't really know how to account for all the grays.  I like the picture as an abstract.

I took this picture at 20 after 8 this morning on the boardwalk of Bethany Beach Delaware USA.

A Most Unfortunate Man


Tim Ruane meditates on his own selfish reasons for capturing a homeless man’s image.

The Minstrel of Maxwell

dried up, used tea bag

“You have defeated me and my sad songs.” A poem.

Terminator 12


“I did not envision the plates and saucers and rice and limousines at our wedding. I envisioned only our facing each other, while handcuffed at our wrists and almost kissing for 42 kind hours….”