The NFL’s Bullshit is Nauseating, But The Stink Is Solely At The Top

Jon Stewart gave us one final lesson on Bullshit.  In the NFL, bullshit resides at the top, but it’s not everywhere. — Last night, on Jon Stewart’s last performance on The Daily Show, he called on us the viewer to actively sniff out Bullshit.  To be vigilant.   Bullshit is everywhere. There is very little you will […]

The Resurrection of Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is getting a second coming—it’s about time people realize the man can play football.  — Beneath the Surface is peeling back the layers of this onion we call sports. Tim Tebow is an Eagle! As a student at the University of Kentucky in 2007 I hated Tim Tebow. My Cats had just beaten #1 […]

There’s Crying In Football But Not In Your Life

What is it about sports that allows us to accept that men have a full range of emotions and ways of expressing them?

NFL Diary: Week 6

Ryan Bradley plays couch coach in Week 6 of his NFL Diary. His advice: fire Tom Coughlin, bench Eli Manning and Matt Schaub, and sign you know who.

NFL Diary: Week 1

Every week this season Ryan Bradley will be reviewing the NFL weekend that was.

Muscular Christianity

Ross Steinborn looks at the mainstream masculinity of Jesus and what this means for Christian men.

Tebow Gives Belichick the Media on a Silver Platter

With Tim Tebow back with the Patriots, the media will have two reasons to stake out the locker room.

I Am Not a Practicing Catholic But My Toddler Will Be

Faith is a choice: I want my son to be happy with his beliefs and let other people be happy with theirs

Permanent Impressions: The Kaepernick Case

Last week, JP Pelosi tackled the quarterback controversy in San Francisco. Now he tackles the controversy over the quarterback’s tattoos.

Why Kaepernick? Because He’s not Smith

Does the John Hughes classic, Pretty in Pink, explain the 49er’s quarterback controversy?

Peyton Is Number 1 – At Least on the Internet

Sure it makes sense that Peyton tops the list. My question is, how did Lamar Odom make it?

Should Tim Tebow Own “Tebowing”?

Does Tim Tebow have the right to trademark “Tebowing” if someone else came up with the term?

The Good Mind Project: Intolerance Toward Contradictions

Consistency is absolutely essential to reaching the truth, because without it, truth becomes a completely vacuous concept.

Why I Don’t Like Tim Tebow

There are two types of sports fans in 2012 America. Jim Jividen is in the group that dislikes Tim Tebow.

“Don’t Cry!”: Being a Man in Korea

What makes boys cry, and when are boys allowed to cry? Turner Wright reports, with examples from South Korea.

From Man to Mania: The Rise of the Underdog

JP Pelosi explores how Average Joes become sports icons.