A Time-Lapse Video Made From Still Photographs

A Time-Lapse by Vimeo

Dustin Farrell stitched together raw still photographs of the Arizona and Utah landscape to create the most amazing time-lapse nature video you’ve ever seen.

One Man Spent Two Years on a Creation Destruction Ritual

circle of abstract ritual

Circle of Abstract Ritual took 300,000 photos of riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses—two years and zero graphics to make.

Yes, You Can Raise a Huge Barn in Just 10 Hours. (Watch How This Amish Community Does It)

barn raising

It takes a community to raise a barn. 10 hours of work down is now a 3-minute mesmerizing time-lapse video. Gives new meaning to the phrase “All in a day’s work.”

Barcelona Like You’ve Never Seen It. A Beguiling 2 Minute Time Lapse


Truly, to call this a time-lapse doesn’t do it justice. The city sparkles and comes alive.

All Alone In The Night—Time Lapse Footage of Earth from International Space Station

All alone in the Night

Come fly with us, for just a few minutes.

Man vs. Chipper: 2-Minute Finger Injury Time-Lapse


Warning: Not for the squeamish. Behold the healing machine that is the human body!

A Time Lapse Video That Will Make You Want to Be a SAHD

dad at home

#Dad #Joy

Time Lapse Video of the New World Trade Center Tower (Video)

World trade center time lapse

Looking at the goodness that was built after 9/11. Three years, one time lapse.

I Have Taught 3,625 Students


Carl Bosch can wish extravagant success for his former students, but all he can hope for is basic goodness.

Flying Weather


After a love affair that fizzled and popped like a bubble, Steven Axelrod wonders what went wrong.

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Photo of the Day

Photo courtesy of Adam Magyar.