A Time-Lapse Video Made From Still Photographs

Dustin Farrell stitched together raw still photographs of the Arizona and Utah landscape to create the most amazing time-lapse nature video you’ve ever seen.

One Man Spent Two Years on a Creation Destruction Ritual

Circle of Abstract Ritual took 300,000 photos of riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses—two years and zero graphics to make.

Yes, You Can Raise a Huge Barn in Just 10 Hours. (Watch How This Amish Community Does It)

It takes a community to raise a barn. 10 hours of work down is now a 3-minute mesmerizing time-lapse video. Gives new meaning to the phrase “All in a day’s work.”

Barcelona Like You’ve Never Seen It. A Beguiling 2 Minute Time Lapse

Truly, to call this a time-lapse doesn’t do it justice. The city sparkles and comes alive.

All Alone In The Night—Time Lapse Footage of Earth from International Space Station

Come fly with us, for just a few minutes.

Man vs. Chipper: 2-Minute Finger Injury Time-Lapse

Warning: Not for the squeamish. Behold the healing machine that is the human body!

A Time Lapse Video That Will Make You Want to Be a SAHD

#Dad #Joy

Time Lapse Video of the New World Trade Center Tower (Video)

Looking at the goodness that was built after 9/11. Three years, one time lapse.

I Have Taught 3,625 Students

Carl Bosch can wish extravagant success for his former students, but all he can hope for is basic goodness.

Flying Weather

After a love affair that fizzled and popped like a bubble, Steven Axelrod wonders what went wrong.

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Photo of the Day

Photo courtesy of Adam Magyar.