Hey Jon Stewart, You Gotta Stop Making Fun of Mitch McConnell’s Face


Despite her overwhelming love for The Daily Show, Joanna Schroeder thinks Jon Stewart’s turtle jokes about Senator McConnell are a hypocritical step too far.

How Drivel Like Hanna Rosin’s “Men Are Obsolete” Harms Both Men and Women

old fashioned?

Scott Behson doesn’t see the advancement of women as the degradation of men, and he thinks framing it that way is dangerous

Man-Hating Is Obsolete

rob ford

Hanna Rosin said that men are obsolete. That’s silly. Here’s why she’s wrong.

More Change in the Vatican: Pope Francis Fires Critic of Abortion, Gay Marriage

Pope Francis

A series of announcements by Pope Francis changed some positions inside of the Church, and in continuing with reforming the Christian religion, ousted a popular Right-wing Cardinal out of St. Louis.

5 Reasons Having Big Balls Makes You A Better Dad

Fear is Your Friend

Charlie Capen feels discriminated against by recent findings that say there is a direct relationship between testicular grandeur and fatherhood.

The Meister Piece: Joel Stein, Time Magazine Humor Columnist


MTV “Road Rules” alum Susie Meister speaks with Time Magazine’s humor columnist Joel Stein.

NEW STUDY: Youths Stopped By Police Are More Likely to Become Repeat Offenders


The study shows that “criminalizing student disciplinary violations in what is known as the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ has counterproductive, long-lasting adverse effects on students’ development.

A Childless Man in a Child’s World

Married No Children photo by JD Hancock

Brian Shea believes that “because I don’t want children” should be every bit as acceptable a response as “because I want them.”

What Our Nation’s Veterans Can Teach Us About Ourselves


How service to others restores and develops our sense of purpose.

From Fast Food Feminism to Home Baked Equality

Fast Food Feminism

If women’s liberation changed the way we eat, is this a problem that men can fix?

Yes, Ms. Warner, There Is a Boy Crisis

boys reading

Mark Sherman finds serious issues with Judith Warner’s assertion that “boys are doing just fine.”

Are Family Dinners Really That Important?

family dinner

Is there a multivitamin for family health?

Violence and Victimization: Stereotypes of Dangerous Men


Are male survivors of abuse more likely to become violent, themselves?

Time Magazine: Tom Matlack Defends Fathers’ Involvement in Kids’ Sex Ed

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 9.54.56 AM

Are most dads equipped to talk to their sons about sex early on, such as at age 10?

Jonestown Massacre, 34 Years Later

Jonestown from the Air - AP photo

John Tinseth remembers preparing to engage the Guyanese Army, only to discover that the 900 dead Americans were killed in a mass suicide.

The Objectification of Paul Ryan?

So he's physically fit? So what?

Really, Time Magazine? Beefcake photos of Paul Ryan released TODAY?