Would You Have Changed Your Face If It Meant Not Being Bullied As a Kid?

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There’s something wrong with a society where a child’s life could be significantly improved by altering their appearance, but the right or wrongness isn’t really the question here. Instead, I’m wondering if this was a practical, workable and available solution to you when you were a child, would you have taken it?

Everybody’s Talking About the Hitler Teapot… And It’s Kind of My Fault

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When Benari Poulten tweeted about it last week, he didn’t expect to wake up to the story all over the news and his tweet on the Today show.

‘Today Show’ Promotes Nauseating Interview With Jerry Sandusky

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Kenny Bodanis questions why Jerry Sandusky should be given a platform to tell “his side of the story?”

‘Ladies First’? How About ‘Manners First’?

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Alyssa Royse believes that teaching children the tradition of “Ladies First” only serves to reinforce sexism on many different levels.

Video: Matt Lauer Talks about Infamous Tom Cruise Interview

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Jamie Reidy comments on Matt Lauer’s recollection of his infamous Today show interview with Tom Cruise.

Screw You, Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover! Detachment Parenting

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Jamie Reidy shares a hilarious essay on the opposite of “attachment parenting” by Sarah Maizes.

The Short Happy Life of Meow the Obese Cat

oliver bethany meow

Meow the Obese Cat died, but not before achieving the feline equivalent of the American Dream. Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on this flabby tabby’s fifteen minutes of fame.

Big Pussy Takes the Big Apple: the Surprising Success of Meow the Cat

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Oliver Lee Bateman chews on how America is eating up its literal fat cat.

Waiting For Lindsay Lohan To Fail

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Evelyn Pentikis wonders what the hell makes Lindsay Lohan so newsworthy?

TV News: A Danger to the Boys


How are our boys going to grow up to be good if we only show them stories of men being evil?