“Why Did You do That?” A Fun Look Into the Minds of Little Kids

Why Did you do that

Marie Roker-Jones take a wild guess at what goes on in the mind of small children.

It Could’ve Been Worse. McDonald’s Could’ve Banned Me For Life.

mcdonalds 2

A tale of one inexperienced dad and one not quite potty-trained daughter…

Five Things I Was Desperate For My Son To Do Until He Actually Started Doing Them


Dad and Buried could not WAIT for his young son to be able to do certain things. Until he did them. Now we have a desperate dad wanting to turn back time.

A Dad’s Sad Good-Bye to the Baby Years


In a conversation with his two-year old daughter, blogger Ian Colvin realized that he is about to say good bye to the “baby years” forever. He’s not sure he is ready.

Home Alone…..I Wish

Home Alone

Alex Barnett is looking forward to traveling with his three year old son for the holidays. Or maybe not.

Why My Three Year Old Son Won’t Eat, Bathe or Sleep

My Three Year Old

What do you do when you’re having power struggles with your three year old son every night?

Act Your Age! No, Wait, Don’t Do That!!

Act Your Age

Alex Barnett thrills in his son’s ability to enjoy a moment with unbridled passion, but he looks forward to not dealing with in-the-moment meltdowns.

Things You Can’t Do When You’re Not a Toddler

tripp and tyler naked

You don’t realize how weird toddlers are until you watch a grown man re-enact what they do.

Emotional Consistency – A Safe Place for the Little Ones


Every day I ask myself what I have done to build consistency and security in my home?

The Fortune Cookie as Parent


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” how do we give our children advice that is both enough and not so much that it stifles them. Look to the cookie?

The Bumpy Road: A Dad and His Parenting Struggles

bumpy photo  janet mck

Danny Thomas of The Next Family has bad days, when it seems like nothing else can go wrong…until it does.

“Today my niece is such a normal, healthy, rambunctious first grader, that it is hard to believe she ever got off to such a fragile start.”

kids at play

This comment by KatyD on the post A Dad Documents His Premature Son’s First Year of Life

3 Things Little Girls Need From Their Fathers


Joyce McFadden outlines ways fathers can be more communicative with their daughters about sexuality.

Temper Tantrum Terrorists

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Is your desire to avoid confrontation turning your kids into tantrum terrorists?

Kids’ Menu

tough customer (baby in a restaurant)

Chuck Ross encourages parents in restaurants to practice dictatorial hegemony. (Has he mentioned that he’s a waiter?)

Dear John: Oral Arguments


This week, Dear John advises on oral sex, nut allergies, and accidental assault.