Are All 3-Year-Olds Just A**holes?

Babies—perfect. Toddlers: trying. But are three-year-olds just mercilessly impossible? Sarah Fader has the definitive answer.  — I have two children. Before I had kids, everyone warned me about the terrible twos. Watch out, when your kid turns two they become wild and uncontrollable. All they say is “no” to everything and good luck, because that year […]

Two Princes

Father Time is a weekly column dedicated to the concept of time in a parent’s life, particularly a father’s life. The point of view comes from a father of two young sons, both under three-years-old, and how time really is just that: a concept. ◊♦◊ If time is a shared commodity within the marriage and […]

Jamming With Your Toddler: How Music Trumps Reading For Childhood Development

If you want to fast-track your child’s development, forget CDs, books that beep, and toys that whirr. Play music with them, with the emphasis being on “play”.

Tale Of The Tape: Babies vs. Toddlers

Is the baby stage or the toddler stage more difficult to manage? Doyin Richards shares his opinions on the topic.

Parenting In An Echo Chamber

The stakes get higher when your toddler starts repeating your every. single. word.

Step Back – Parenting From a Proper Distance

In parenting, what is the appropriate distance to allow between yourself and your child?

Travelling With Kids: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 65

Travelling with two toddlers can be as difficult as it sounds.

What My Daughter’s Misbehavior Taught Me About Meditation

Ty Phillips finds a powerful philosophy lesson in a challenging parenting moment.

To The Lady Who Called My Toddler a ‘Thug’

“I knew he would inevitably face discrimination. What I didn’t realize was how early in my son’s life he would be stereotyped, labeled and feared.”

How to Push Through When Our Kids Reject Us

In the face of his toddler’s rejection, Ty Phillips reminds us of the real reason we meet others’ needs.

Dads & Families Podcast Episode 52: #Dads4Oren

As we lose one of our own, we do as he would have done. Carry on, and love always.

How This Dad Masters Four Little Kids at Once and Stays Champion of the Ring

Mike Smith, the Sunshine Dad, masters taking care of his four toddlers, all at the same time. He shares his secrets.

What I Learned About Adult Rebellion From My 3-Year-Old Daughter

Learning to defuse his daughter’s tantrums taught Ty Phillips a surprising lesson about himself.

Climate Change, Blizzards, and School Snow-Days

Alex Barnett doesn’t think he can handle another school snow day and he blames climate change.

“Why Did You do That?” A Fun Look Into the Minds of Little Kids

Marie Roker-Jones take a wild guess at what goes on in the mind of small children.

It Could’ve Been Worse. McDonald’s Could’ve Banned Me For Life.

A tale of one inexperienced dad and one not quite potty-trained daughter…