Boys, Accuracy, and Toilet Training

Men have a long standing history with accuracy and the tools with which we’re given. Snake Bloomstrand thinks it’s time for me to step up their toilet training game. — It’s time for men to step up. The accuracy of 21st-century masculinity demands that men no longer abdicate their unique role and responsibility in the […]

How a Dad Survived an Adventure in Toddler Potty Training

How did this dad finally potty train his infant? There was a secret, and he shares it here.

Boys, Take Aim

Mr. Torbert’s lesson to elementary school boys on using a public bathroom should be posted in lavatories everywhere.

World War Pee

Jerry Mahoney learns to potty train his twins the hard way. Oh, wait, there is no easy way.

There Is No Sterility Parenting

Every day since Ryan W. Bradley became a father, he has worked at embracing the messiness of life.

First Moment of Pride

Jim Moss’s daughter takes the first (baby) steps toward independence.