3 Epic Days Hiking in the Mountains of Nikko

Makes a man grounded and aware of the surrounding world.

GMP Contributor Aaron Gilbreath Is Crowdfunding to Study the Effects of Crowding

“The Future belongs to crowds,” said Don DeLillo. Aaron Gilbreath is embarking on a project to document that future in a new book, “Crowded.”

Japan Wants To Shoot Lasers At The Moon To Solve The Energy Crisis

The Luna Ring plan, which was introduced in Tokyo, is only the most recent in a long line of envelope pushing, seemingly kooky ideas to come from Shimizu Corp.

National Glory: Division I Sports and the Olympic Games

Athletic competition was never a spiritually innocent pursuit. College football is no exception.

Guestpost #81: Josef Addleman – Ten things I’ve learned from spending four days in Beijing

“I didn’t get a chance to try deep-fried scorpions on sticks. There’s always next time.”

Anime: Life Sized Robotech Veritech Unveiled In Tokyo

This is some whole new stuff here … wow. Well played, Japan. Well played …

Concert Quandary: Cover Bands Are Better Than The Real Thing

Jamie Reidy complains about major rock acts who don’t play all their best songs.

In Parisian Caf…

In Parisian Cafes I, lonely count of Transylvania, Approached you with the passion of Mars, Drooping with silence under a black cape, Wishing to address your neck, which cannot be defended. I (awkward, frail Frankenstein) fumbled for your face In my wrecked mind in wrecked invisible evenings. You taught me about nihilism when you retreated, […]

Massive Earthquake Hits Japan, Causes Tsunami

A crippling, unprecedented, and unexpected disaster really puts everything into perspective.

The 10 at 10: December 10

Christmas for Jewish parents, the world’s most dangerous leisure activity, and Obama turning white: the 10 at 10.