Let’s All Speak American…

This tongue-in-cheek critique examines some popular political personalities and explores the question: What if we all spoke American?

Faith and Faces: Are Muslims Supposed to be Religiously Tolerant?

Can tolerance and global religion coincide in Middle Eastern countries? Zeynab Ladak examines this question with open eyes.

Tolerance Isn’t Tolerance Unless It Hurts

When a Christian fundamentalist decides to accept and love his gay son (and his son’s partner), I know I’m looking at real tolerance.

Practicing a Deep Intercultural Understanding

Raoul Wieland ponders living a life in which diversity, tolerance, and unity become realities instead of dreams.

Honestly is the Best Policy Even in Business

Are you ready to confront your demons and have a frank discussion?

Ode to a Father Figure

On Father’s Day, Diane Sears remembers one of the men who raised her.

These Kids Saw a Before/After of Caitlyn Jenner… How Did They React?

“Who she wants to be is who she should be,” one little guy says.

There Are Actually 6 Love Languages, Not Just 5

Elaine Mansfield shares why couples should learn this sixth love language.

Common Ground Is Sacred Ground

Ty Phillips helps us push past our differences to the humanity that unites us.

A New Perspective on Prejudice, Shaming, and Violence

Raoul Wieland examines a range of modern problems through the lens of ‘Lebensraum.’

How to Be Friends With Opposites

It’s easy to be friends when you have lots of things in common. Wellcast shows us how to develop healthy friendships with people who are different.

Brain Sex: Gender, Sexuality and Cultural Roles

Neuroscience teaches us what it means to be human.

Screw You, Bill Maher

James Fell is bored with the culturally damaging, overly negative jokes.

5 Ways We Screw Up Unconditional Love

Thomas Fiffer wants you to get unconditional love right, so you don’t break your heart trying.

Every Civilization Faces a Dark Age

Spencer Pennington doesn’t fear Muslims, he fears Islamophobia.

A Kinder, Gentler Homophobia

Homophobia hidden behind “helpful words” and guidance “to be kind” is still hurtful and dangerous, no matter who’s saying it.