Gays, Giants, NFL, and the Hiring of David Tyree

The personal views of David Tyree DO matter when his duties include education and development.

NFL Diary: The Coaching Carousel

After the NFL’s “Black Monday,” 7 coaches are out and 3 new ones in. In a playoff version of his weekly NFL Diary, Ryan Bradley looks at the coaching carousel. Are teams making the right hires? Who still needs to go? Here’s the rundown.

NFL Diary: Week 9

In last week’s diary, Ryan Bradley handed out his awards for the first half of the NFL season. This week he hands out his anti-awards.

NFL Diary: Week 6

Ryan Bradley plays couch coach in Week 6 of his NFL Diary. His advice: fire Tom Coughlin, bench Eli Manning and Matt Schaub, and sign you know who.

What Exactly Makes a “Good” Parent?

Damon Young wonders if we should judge parents by how well their kids turn out.

#35: Coach Coughlin

He is the best.

Man-to-Man With Doug Flutie

We catch up with legendary quarterback Doug Flutie to discuss the Capital One Cup, politics, the art of catching a foul ball, and, of course, being a good man.

Good Men Picks: Giants or Colts

Even without the point spread, picking winners consistently in the NFL can be maddening. Taking a new approach to the question, “who is the better team?”, last week we introduced a regular feature, in which we attempt to pick winners based on their relative virtue. We’re off to a bumpy start: