Tony Hawk Takes a (Literal) Spin on an Ear-Piercingly Loud Hoverboard

Spin to win?

Legendary Skater Tony Hawk Speaks Out for Marriage Equality

Tony Hawk joins the growing list of people declaring that marriage is an equal right.

“If more dads did what Tony Hawk did with his daughter, the world would be a better place.”

This is a comment by Andrew Lawes on the post “Merry Christmas, Tony Hawk—The World Thinks You’re a S*** Parent”.

I’m a Sh** Parent Like Tony Hawk. Aren’t You?

Joanna Schroeder examines why we, as parents, are so eager to call other moms and dads “bad”.

Merry Christmas, Tony Hawk—The World Thinks You’re a S*** Parent

Rebecca Sparrow poses a question about the controversial photo of Tony Hawk and his daughter: What business is it of ours anyway?

Viral Video: Skateboarder Hit by Truck

Jamie Reidy shares a shocking video of a skateboarder getting hit by a truck and flying two house-lengths down the street.