L.E.A.P into Whole-Brained Communication


How to improve communication skills between left brain and right brain employees to create a whole-brained approach

The Four T’s You Need to be a Successful DIY’er


Shawn Henfling believes anyone can be a successful DIY’er.

Tools For Changing Your Life That Don’t Require Willpower


Learning life-wisdom through pleasure.

It’s Time Colleges Addressed Childhood Sexual Abuse Too


How can campuses expand their efforts and support for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse?

DIY 101 – Tools and Common Mistakes


“Quality tools will not only last longer, they typically perform the task with more precision and less effort.”

DYI of the Day: Homemade Air Conditioner With a Bucket and Fan

homemade air conditionaer

The best do-it-yourself projects are simple and affordable. Voila.

Being a Dad of No Trades: What Are We Obligated to Teach Our Children?

Being a Dad of No Trades: What Are We Obligated to Teach Our Children?

Mike Julianelle isn’t the kind of dad who can fix a car or build a house, which makes him worry about what he has left to teach his young son

What a Tool: How I’ve Failed My Son

Tool, tools, wrench, parenting, raising boys

Jon Magidsohn wants to know how important it is for a father to teach his kids to fix stuff.

Five Reasons You Should Have A Knife In Your Pocket


It’s an old-fashioned manly habit that’s worth taking up. Five everyday problems, obstacles and frustrations that a multitool solves.

Willy Loman Plugged the John

Loo with a view

When the plumbing backs up, men often expect that we should know how to make the repair.

Where Have All the Toolmen Gone?

photo by zombieite

Erik Crosier mourns how the information age has brought about the demise of one of his favorite markers of masculinity: the toolmen.

The Patience to Just Be


Jim Wilson finds out he has got what his grandson needs most from him.

Men and Machines: 12/7


How has technology shaped men’s lives?

Paid to Stay out of the Way


Most boys learn to be a “real man” from their dad. Mine paid me to stay out of his way.

A Bike Strengthens the Rider: On Building Cyclical Tools

photo by roland

Sep Kamvar suggests a mission when building tools: Every tool should nourish the things upon which it depends.

“We’ve forgotten that being heroic doesn’t mean being strong all the time; it can be heroic to cry.”


This is a comment by J.G. te Molder and Lori Ann on the post “Confronting the Superhero Myth”.