7 Types of Serious Abuse We Don’t Take Seriously

Jarune Uwujaren asks us to pause a moment and reflect up on 7 forms of abuse that are often laughed about, dismissed or simply ignored.

The Suicide of Kate Middleton’s Nurse – Should We Bully the Bullies?

Whether we’re talking about school bullies, Daniel Tosh, or the radio personalities who humiliated a nurse into suicide, the worst thing we can do is lose our own sense of empathy.

Video: ‘Tosh.0’ Host Takes Jaw Punch From Manny Pacquiao

After Daniel Tosh steps in the ring with Pacquiao, he says, “See, Mayweather, that’s how a man behaves.”

Giving it up for Lent

Chick flicks and green veggies…   After seeing the title of this blog post, you may be thinking to yourself, “This could very well be crude and crass.”  You may be right.  I’m not really sure which direction this post is heading in.  I’m guzzlin’ some Dew and letting the fingers go where they go.  […]