How Does a Dad With Tourette Syndrome Explain the Condition to His 4-Year Old Son?


Sometimes it is the dad with the special challenge. Here is how a dad with Tourette Syndrome found a way to explain it to his adoring 4 year old son.

Dirty Little Secrets: Men, Trauma, and Mental Health

mental illness, refugee story, OCD, panic, anxiety, men's groups, men's health

After his father was declared an enemy of the state in Uganda, his family fled. Now a successful consultant and men’s group leader, Kenny D’Cruz continues to heal from a life marked by persecution and mental illness.

Tics on a Plane! (Handling Tourette’s While Flying)

photo by consumerist

Josh Hanagarne has Tourette’s Syndrome. He deals with it. Here’s how.

How Not to Jump on a Trampoline

photo by andronicusmax

Josh Hanagarne, on ups and downs.

Tourette’s: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac


Josh Hanagarne is glad that some things don’t have to be a secret anymore.

Actor Jack Klugman Dies at Age 90

Jack Klugman_GMP (588x331)

Although few will remember, Jack Klugman was a strong advocate for critical health-care legislation.

SCUBA with Stuffed Animals


My buddy Johnny O. talks about his brother, growing up in an abusive home, and trying to make things right.

Different Is the New Normal

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A teenager with Tourette’s wants to help others by spreading his story.