The Things They Carried (Dad/Mom Version)

All carried some, and some carried all.

Are Toys Becoming More Violent … and Should We be Worried?

We have to be careful not to overly restrict children’s lives based on myths about childhood innocence and children’s inability to distinguish between real life and fantasy.

How the World Would End Without Gender

Maybe the world won’t end. Maybe, it will just be better.

Why Your Kids Need Gender Neutral Toys

Buying toys for your kid? Here’s why you should try one without the gender ties.

The Truth About Why Boys AND Girls Need STEM Toys

When you shop for the little girls in your life — whether daughters, granddaughters, nieces, etc. — do you walk right past the Legos and building blocks and head straight for the pink aisle with the Barbies and baby dolls?

A Dad Worries About Making His Boys Men in the 21st Century

Jeff Jackson knows that as a dad he is supposed to model “being a man” to his sons. One problem. He is not exactly sure what that is these days. He explores the question.

Building a Better World: A Story of Toys, Equality, and Disability

A beloved toy company joins the fight for equality – not just for kids, but for all mankind. — Representation is vital. It’s vital to us as individuals, as a demographic and as a society. It, in all its forms, impacts and changes the face of the world with every person or group of people […]

How to Talk to Kids About Sexy Dolls Without Slut Shaming

A lot of adults use the word “inappropriate” to avoid dealing with “sexy” head-on. But I think we empower our kids when we tell them what the real issue is instead of using code words and leaving our meaning open to misinterpretation.

I Wanted Them All

Can you focus on the needs in your life instead of just the wants?

The Arc of Life

What can toys teach us about human existence? Ed Madden reflects on the lessons his favorite childhood toy has taught him as a man.

Men to Boys: Don’t Play with Your Star Wars Toys

To the confusion of all the boys and girls out there, adults insist that action figures belong in boxes.

Old School Dad Inspires Daughter to Seize the Hammer

Risa Dale was never called princess by her dad. Instead, he handed her some tools and she destroyed a house.

Star Wars “Samurai” Collectibles Announced For Meisho Movie Realization Line!!!

BLUEFIN offers Star Wars fans super-detailed figures from the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line by Tamashii Nations!

Let’s Do This Now — Yes, Sony, You HAVE to Make Action Figures of the New Female Ghostbusters

The movie studio behind the new Ghostbusters movie is probably going to make some ignorant, sexist mistakes when it comes to marketing the film. This is an early intervention.

Can Barbie Defeat a Dad?

Displeased with the images Barbie represents for his daughters, Chris Farley Ratcliffe contemplates Barbie’s future in his home.

Boys With Toys: The Civil War on Gun Control and Terrorism

To be an average gun owner, to me, is to harbor an unhealthy amount of suspicion that has much in common with the unhealthy suspicions that fuel domestic terrorists and confused youngsters stoked by Confederate historians, racist talk show hosts, televangelists. . .