Old School Dad Inspires Daughter to Seize the Hammer

Risa Dale was never called princess by her dad. Instead, he handed her some tools and she destroyed a house.

Star Wars “Samurai” Collectibles Announced For Meisho Movie Realization Line!!!

BLUEFIN offers Star Wars fans super-detailed figures from the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars line by Tamashii Nations!

Let’s Do This Now — Yes, Sony, You HAVE to Make Action Figures of the New Female Ghostbusters

The movie studio behind the new Ghostbusters movie is probably going to make some ignorant, sexist mistakes when it comes to marketing the film. This is an early intervention.

Can Barbie Defeat a Dad?

Displeased with the images Barbie represents for his daughters, Chris Farley Ratcliffe contemplates Barbie’s future in his home.

Boys With Toys: The Civil War on Gun Control and Terrorism

To be an average gun owner, to me, is to harbor an unhealthy amount of suspicion that has much in common with the unhealthy suspicions that fuel domestic terrorists and confused youngsters stoked by Confederate historians, racist talk show hosts, televangelists. . .

Taking Your Kids to “The Park”: Why Three Dads Are Excited About “Jurassic World”

Three dads from the “Jurassic Park” generation talk about the various ways they’ll be sharing “Jurassic World” with their children… #JurassicWorldAtTarget

Some Guys Never Lose Their Inner Kid

What happens when grownups start playing with the toys of their youth? You get “Toy Wars.”


Who is the boy inside the man holding the gun?

Just to See if I Could

Ethan Gilsdorf remembers the summer of 1977, the year he was ten, and the intersection of boys, violence, and the animal kingdom.

Boy Toys, Girl Toys is There any Connection to Career?

Making guys play with dolls won’t create an army of men working as care givers.

10 Photos That Will Make You Want to Grab Your Action Figures

You’ve never seen Thor like this. Or Captain America. Or storm troopers. Or Halo Kitty.

Hell Yeah, Christmas Is About Toys and That’s Not a Bad Thing

There are many, many reasons for the holiday season, but, just because commercialization is gross, that doesn’t mean that we should forget how positive and constructive toys can be in the right hands.

Merry Christmas, Peter. Love, Wonder Woman

When he was 4 years old, Peter Domani wanted a super hero doll. Not just any super hero. Wonder Woman.

How to Tell if a Toy is for Boys or Girls: The Definitive Guide

Confused about picking the right toy? This handy guide makes sense of all those confusing catalogs.

“Breaking Bad” Action Figures and the Harsh Realities of Parenting

B.K. Mullen offers a parent’s perspective on a Florida mother’s recent campaign to have “Breaking Bad” figures removed from a national toy store chain.

Barbie Dad

Sometimes love means playing Barbies with your daughter, even if you’re a man, even if you’d rather chew rocks.