“Breaking Bad” Action Figures and the Harsh Realities of Parenting

“Breaking Bad” Action Figures and the Harsh Realities of Parenting

B.K. Mullen offers a parent’s perspective on a Florida mother’s recent campaign to have “Breaking Bad” figures removed from a national toy store chain.

Barbie Dad

lots of barbies

Sometimes love means playing Barbies with your daughter, even if you’re a man, even if you’d rather chew rocks.

Gentry Stein Certainly Knows How to Yo-Yo


If you thought knowing how to “walk the dog” was cool prepare to be floored by this world championship Yo-Yo routine.

Where Have All the Good Toys Gone?

How many of these guys can you name?

I can tell you. A lot of them ended up in the World’s Longest Yard Sale, and almost in my truck.

Two Grown Men Face Off With Children’s Toys In A Thrilling Battle For Playground Supremacy (Video)


I’d love to see what would happen if you gave a bunch of 8-year-olds $50 million and told them to make a movie. It probably wouldn’t make much sense, but it would definitely involve dinosaurs, lasers and explosions.

What Was the Best Toy That Got Away?


Slade Grayson asks, “What’s the one childhood toy that you really wanted, but didn’t get?”

Five Lessons Learned From a Lost FitBit


Dillan DiGiovanni thinks exercise is good, especially when you have plastic toys to encourage you.

The Night of Furby

The Night of Furby

Jeff Bogle was having a quiet night with his wife, when one of his daughters’ toys decided that it wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep yet…

Build Your Own Office Supply Crossbow (with instructions) [Video]


Not for office combat! But if you’ve got a TPS report or some old coffee cups lying around, it’s time to let fly!

How Many Ways Can You Ring a Bell? They Found Six. [Video]

ring bell

Those crazy machines that do simple things are called “Rube Goldbergs”. Think you need lots of time and money to make one? Think again.

The Ultimate Paper Airplane in Flight (and How to Make It) [Video]

paper airplanes

Most of us wasted plenty of class time making paper airplanes. JJ Vincent found one that leaves those behind.

So, What Do You Do?


Andy Smithson wonders what would happen if we got honest when we answer the question, “What do you do?

“Does a consumerism mad society breed narcissism and selfishness?”


Are We Not Men (and Women)?–Apparently Not? Cadillac’s Ad Polarizes

The LEGO Movie: You Can Take Awesome With You

honea, boys, kids, sons, whit honea, atticus honea, zane honea, lego movie

Whit Honea on “The LEGO Movie,” the toys it inspired, and the joy of building it together.

When Sons Ask Dads to Play (and Why Dads Should Play Anyway)

action men

Graham Scott on the miracles lurking behind ‘Can you play?’

A Boy’s Life Is Changed On A Jamaican Road

santa, claus, saint, st, nick, chris, kringle, tag, christmas, gift, present,

Some lessons change a life. Some lessons change as many as they can. Jeff Bogle shares the moment that changed his . . .