So, What Do You Do?


Andy Smithson wonders what would happen if we got honest when we answer the question, “What do you do?

“Does a consumerism mad society breed narcissism and selfishness?”


Are We Not Men (and Women)?–Apparently Not? Cadillac’s Ad Polarizes

The LEGO Movie: You Can Take Awesome With You

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Whit Honea on “The LEGO Movie,” the toys it inspired, and the joy of building it together.

When Sons Ask Dads to Play (and Why Dads Should Play Anyway)

action men

Graham Scott on the miracles lurking behind ‘Can you play?’

The Question Is…. What Was the Best Toy That Got Away?


Slade Grayson asks, “What’s the one childhood toy that you really wanted, but didn’t get?”

A Boy’s Life Is Changed On A Jamaican Road

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Some lessons change a life. Some lessons change as many as they can. Jeff Bogle shares the moment that changed his . . .

How to Tell if a Toy is for Boys or Girls: The Definitive Guide

Who gets what toy? We can help!

Confused about picking the right toy? This handy guide makes sense of all those confusing catalogs.

‘Lego Friends’ Can Go Straight to Hell, or Why Gendered Toys Are Bad for Kids

Lego Friends photo by Per Olof Forseberg

Brett Ortler is disappointed that the most gender-neutral of toys has fallen back into gendered stereotypes.

Learning About Life From Legos


The building blocks of good life skills are small and plastic and hurt to step on.

Open Thread: Best Childhood Toy


However many or however few toys you had, you know there was one that stood out.

“I loved buying the trains and slot cars, cool trucks with realistic sounding engines.”

photo by enjoypixel

This comment was by Tom B. on the post “Raising a Son within the Princess Culture.”

What’s So Bad About Pink?


When, exactly, did we all agree that pink is girly and girly is horrible?

Happily Ever After Happens Every Day, or How I Learned to Love the Disney Sparkle


Disney’s Magic Kingdom wasn’t Christopher Bundy’s first choice destination for a family vacation.

Men and Machines: 12/7


How has technology shaped men’s lives?

“Our words influence the way we look at the world. For example: calling pink a ‘girly’ color.”


This is a comment by The_L on the post “Playing Hard to Get”.

The Let’s Dad! Great Gift Guide #1


September is the most common birth month. Count back nine months and it’s Christmas. In the giving spirit, here are some gift ideas for newborns.