John Stewart: Your Last Moment of Zen

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“So I say to you tonight, friends: The best defense against bullshit is vigilance. So, if you smell something, say something.”–Jon Stewart, in his last episode of the Daily Show

The 1950’s Man In Me


Today’s man is more engaged with their kids, but sometimes those inner feelings of tradition come out.

Comment of the Day: “My perception of beauty has always been different from that of the men around me.”


This comment is from Theorema Egregium on the post “The Fatal Flaws of Pick-Up (And a Promising Alternative)”

I Ran with the Bulls. I Ran with Death. I Ran Towards Life


What it feels like to run with the bulls. And how it made me a better man.

My Jewish Family’s Christmas Tradition—German Pancake

German Pancake

Many Jewish families have their own special Christmas traditions. Thomas Fiffer remembers—and recreates—his mother’s German Pancake.

Celebrate Christmas as a Kid

Celebrate Christmas by Shan Jeniah Burton

Jay Forte remembers the merrier Christmas celebrations of his childhood and offers a path to creating your own today—show up with kid-like enthusiasm.

Comment of the Day “It’s only what is right for the kind of relationship you want.”

holding hands cotd 91214

Wanting traditionalism mixed with more modern thoughts also doesn’t make one a hypocrite.

Call for Submissions: Men and Happiness

Men and Happiness Collage

Ethics Editor Thomas Fiffer invites contributors to explore the forces that define and limit male happiness and help men break out of the ‘happiness box.’

Easter: A Conflict of Emotions


David Pittman is a Christian who was abused by the Church. That experience changed his perspective on the Resurrection.

Whether Men Haze Bison or Humans, The Explanations Are Oddly Similar

hazing, bison, Montana

Haze (v): (1) Drive in a specific direction while on horseback; (2) Force to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks

Saved By Grace: A Father’s Reflections on Midnight Mass


At this year’s Midnight Mass, Danny Jewitt was taught an old lesson in a new way.

Our Dining Room Forum

dinner, dining, family, table

Family traditions can happen anywhere. B.K. Mullen’s started at the table.

A Mother, A Son, A Metal Christmas Tree

sincerest tree

It’s not the tree that matters. It’s the memories.

Why I Followed My Wife Around the World (More Than Once)

travel around the world with you photo by camerakarrie

Jon Magidsohn has moved his house, business and family to follow his wife around the world. Four times. Here’s why that is part of the new norm.

Throw Away Your Cookie Cutters


This holiday season, Jarad Dewing urges you to forgo the traditional molds and let creativity reign.

A Transformation of One’s Self Into Something Different: Our Wedding Vows

wedding vows photo by smoorenburg

Uzi and Summer share their wedding vows with the rest of the world.