What are Little Girls and Boys Made Of?

It’s much deeper than sugar-n-spice and puppy dog tails.

“The lack of understanding and partnership broke my heart and left a resentment that I couldn’t get past.”

This comment by Jeff on the post Couples Sharing Goals, Dreams and Spreadsheets

Couples Sharing Goals, Dreams and Spreadsheets

Sebastian Molano on why the old marriage model doesn’t work anymore.

HuMANitarianism: Where Are the Men in Aid?

James Plunkett wonders why there are so few men working at the grassroots levels of NGOs.

Loosening up on Looks and Moving Beyond Status

Do guys really choose a mate based on looks? Do females really go for high status? Kevin Carty examines how men are influenced by their peers, and how we should all loosen up a little on our dating standards.

Is Autonomy the New Money?

What does Jay-Z offer Beyoncé that men can offer the women they hope to marry?

I’d Benefit From a Traditional Wife

Whose life wouldn’t be easier with a homemaker on staff?

Are Some Men Intimidated by Strong Women?

Dr. Vibe’s latest podcast asks: Are guys afraid of strong ladies? If so, why?

The Strength of Submission

At first, John Edale worried about sharing this private aspect of his life in a blog, but has found that coming out as submissive has unexpected benefits.

5 Guys Talking: The Second Half of Manhood

What happens when you get five guys talking about ‘the perfect relationship’?

When a Man’s Responsibility Has Gone, What Is There Left for Him?

Men keep going out of a sense of duty. What happens when that’s no longer enough?

How to Become a Warrior

The warrior is sensitive enough to discern truth, and has the courage to stand up for it.

Smashing Male Stereotypes

We’re not all stereotypical, but even men who fit a mold are still real.

Why Do Men Marry at All?

Tim Brown thinks of four reasons why he would even consider marriage.

Bringing It to the Men

Men coming together can improve their relationships with women, too.

Boys in the Friend Zone

How can we mentor boys in dating and relationship skills?