11 Mistakes Every Gym Rookie Makes

Nothing really worth having comes instantly – or easily. Same goes for that awesome physique you’ve been chasing. It won’t come overnight, or over a fortnight, but you can achieve amazing results if you’re consistent with your training and in following a healthy diet.

Gains Galore: The Benefit of Weightlifting

Good old-fashioned weightlifting will still be trending when all the fads have come and gone.

One Man Left Me Unprepared to Be a Dad

Fatherhood should be a learned skill. What happens when the teacher quits?

Why Men Need to set Emotional Boundaries

Sharif Joynson discovered his clients were looking for more than physical self-defense training.

Attempting to Control Disasters in a Random World

We can’t anticipate or control everything, but we can prepare our businesses and lives for dealing with crisis with a little less stress.

Out of Touch on the Titanic While Education Sinks

When is the last time you challenged your beliefs about hiring (or getting hired) and the role education plays in business success?

For Whom the Bell Tolls: The Inglorious Story of My Concussion

Every now and then an injury is really a wake up call.

Good Men Find A Reason To Push Forward

I wake up in a great mood. Know Why? Because I have a Reason.

Hey Guys! Are You Over Training Your Way To Surgery?

Training Smart: Age appropriate training is the key to fitness, not just lifting things up and putting them down.

Creating a Practical Path to Reintegration

A mayor’s mentor initiative for the formerly incarcerated. Helping people live productive lives. It’s good for everyone.

4 Minute Mile: Knees and Plans

I am in no way squished like a grape (yet), and though this quest may ultimately end up squishing me like a vat of grapes and turning me into wine, I am more excited than ever

4 Minute Mile: WHY???

Our hero is going to the gym to get one step closer to a 4 minute mile

4 Minute Mile: Catching Up

Our runner and his son set out to train for a 4 minute mile

4 Minute Mile: The Hammy (Part 1?)

Training for the 4 Minute Mile, could a leg injury slow our runner? Maybe a potential running partner will help.

4 Minute Mile: Speed?

The 4 Minute Mile movie provided some direction. Sprinting on an indoor track helped me push forward.

Finding Ways to Connect with Other Men

Finding strength and comfort where you might not expect it- with your fellow men!