“I Never Stand Too Close”: A Trans Man’s Feminism

For Damian Ray, day to day feminism in action is creating safer spaces for women — the ones he knows, and especially the ones he does not.

Men Don’t Need To Justify Their Beard Implants

If beard implants, or any other procedure of vanity or masculinity, make a man feel better about himself, who are we to judge? Athena G. Csuti explains.

How Not To Be A Jerk To A Trans Person

Gabe Ramsay explains the basics of how to be respectful to trans people, including to never out people without their permission. Just don’t do it.

Fat Dudes Are Hot

Marianne likes lots of kinds of bodies, and fat dudes are on that list.

Real Man Adventures [Book Review]

A testosterone fueled adventure through sex and gender, unlike any you’ve seen before featuring a man battling a shark on the cover.

The Illuminated Lives of Gay Trans Men

The Good Men Project sits down with Dylan Edwards, graphic novelist, to talk about his book, “Transposes,” which tells the stories of seven gay transgender men.

The Vagina Dialogues

What does it take to be an ally to women?

Indecisive, Slutty, and Closeted: Bisexual Men in 3 Stereotypes

Tobias is everything you expect bi men to be, and then some.

Transgendered at 5 Years Old?

Justin Cascio offers insight to a Washinton Post story about a gender variant 5 year-old child, who was born a girl and insists she is a boy.

European Union Closer To Banning Forced Sterilization

Justin Cascio reacts to Sweden joining the rest of the European Union in preserving reproductive rights for trans people.

Assorted Links!

Today I am outsourcing this “blogging” thing to other people who have more interesting things to say than I do. Scientific American would like to inform you that men and women are both, in fact, from Earth: Finally, when talking about evolved differences in behavior between males and females one cannot make statements like “when […]