8 Myths About Transgender Men’s Bottom Surgeries

blue jeans

Mitch Kellaway seeks to dispel the myths within the myths surrounding the surgeries that people ask (or make assumptions) about.

Patriarchy: The Game


Patriarchy is a game of winners and losers.

It Turns Out My Partner Is a Woman. So What Does That Make Me?

make me photo1 ANG SHERPA

Jason Rozek never imagined he’d be asking himself this relationship question.

Call for Submissions – Gay, Bisexual, Trans* Men

Come as you are. Tell us your story.

The Good Men Project wants to hear from gay, bisexual, and trans* men.

This is Real. Facebook Adds List of New Gender Options

Just some of the customizable gender choices from Facebook.

Users asked. Facebook listened. They’ve added a customizable list of terms and pronouns for people to identify their gender.

Who is Piers Morgan and Why Does He Matter?

Janet Mock

JJ Vincent looks at why what one CNN host says matters to the GLBT community.

A Dyke in Love with a Gay Man…Who is Trans

Jackie Hubschman & Oyle Harrison, Atlanta, GA

Dyana Bagby shows us a model of emerging relationships in a changing city.

Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Family, Brotherhood, and Themselves

Manning Up by Wolf

A new book brings together a diverse range of trans*male voices to share their stories of how they became the men that they are.

When You’re an Ally Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Please. Let's work together.

Sam Killerman wrestles with the question of what to do when the people who you ally with throw sticks, and the people who hate them throw stones. Except those sticks and stones are words.

What Does the * in Trans* Stand For?

Trans* Flag

You see the *. Now find out why it’s there.

Did Katie Couric Really Do That?

Laverne Cox on The Katie Couric Show.

Katie Couric offends trans*people everywhere with her invasive genitalia questions.

Transgender 101: A “Trans-in-the-Workplace” Primer

Cube, sweet cube.

Don’t think you’ll ever work with a trans* person? You just might. Parker Marie Molloy has an FAQ for those questions you’re not sure you want to ask.

Issues Transgender Individuals Face in the Work Place


Parker Marie Molloy wrote this to help you when, not if, you find yourself with a trans coworker.

What I Learned from Watching Men (Before I Became One)

What kind of man do you choose to be?

In becoming a man, Dillan DiGiovanni realized this: “I am in charge of the guy I am.”

Gay Dudes, Can You Just Not?


Parker Marie Molloy would like to remind the guys that throwing around the word “tranny” is right up there with throwing around the word _____.

Stripes, Queer, or Houndstooth: 10 Questions About Gender

Tommy Paul

JJ Vincent asked a 37-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.