The Messages I Learned to Tell Myself

Uncomfortable. Irritated. Hateful. But whatever happened to supportive?

Define Beauty: Scars Are More Than Skin Deep

How scars can make our own bodies feel unfamiliar and at the same time define a part of who we are.

Every Man, Every Day, Should Ask Himself One Question

Author Jay Cradeur shares a moment to moment choice which directly impacts a man’s experience of life and lover.

How Do We Make Sure We Matter?

We’re powerful, creative beings. And we have the potential to positively affect each other. So why don’t we do it more often?

How I Stopped Hating Her for Dumping Me

Author Jay Cradeur shares 5 steps for transforming heartache and anger to love and compassion. It starts with saying three words you don’t want to hear.

The Power to Transform Feelings of ‘Hate’ Into ‘Love’ Is Yours

John Schlimm on how to direct your energy positively.

How a Devastating Experience Gave Me a New Life Purpose

Mike Berry wasn’t prepared for his last day of work, but now he wakes up each day excited to be living his dream.

Why Half a Heart is Simply Not Enough

It is impossible to fully accept ourselves if have a problem with one gender or the other –here’s a way to open your heart to everyone, especially yourself…

I Will Call You Caitlyn

What happens when our sensibilities and progressive views are put to the test? Writer Alison Tedford gives us a personal glimpse into her journey of understanding.

How a ‘Reset’ Saved My Life

It is never too late for a “reset”, and doing so may just save the rest of your life…

How I Stopped Being a Victim and Changed My Life

TJ Trent blamed everyone else for his lack of accomplishments.

Why We Run #8: A New Life

TJ Trent runs to change, to make his fresh start. To a new life.

Let Yourself Get Hurt

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks that getting hurt helps us feel more free.

5 New Rules for Manhood: The Need for a Mansformation

I’m tired of being tired. Being a man today is exhausting, and it’s time to fight back. It’s time to redefine what a man is, what a man does, and who a man should be.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Healing Mistakes

“The wound is the place where the light enters you” ~Rumi (on parenting?) One morning when my older son was 6 year old, he would not get out of bed until 7:45–30 minutes before school started. Then he wouldn’t eat his eggs since he was distracted by his Pokemon cards, so I threw the cards […]

My Father, My Self: It’s Complicated

My Father Changed, But My Memories Are Not So Easily Shed.