All Things Geek Exclusive Video Interviews from #NYCC14

comic con

Alex Yarde shares videos for Robot Chicken, Batman ’66 Blu-Ray Release, 12 Monkeys and Transformers.

‘Super Friend’ Buster Jones Dies at 71


Alex Yarde mourns the passing of Voice Actor Edward L. “Buster” Jones.

‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Good, But Not Great

transformers 4

Story problems aside, Jay Snook says the latest entry in the ‘Transformers’ franchise is worth a look.

Barbie, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony or Transformer?


Pros: Your own Dream House. Cool car. Great clothes. Have your choice of career, including doctor, businessperson and princess.

Stripes, Queer, or Houndstooth: 10 Questions About Gender

Tommy Paul

JJ Vincent asked a 37-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

What a Boy’s Love of Baseball Taught His Sports-Averse Mother

Baseball Lessons by Jason512

Lara Lillibridge does not like team sports. Or at least she didn’t think she did, until her baseball-loving son taught her a thing or two.

Why I Didn’t Sign Up For the Military


One millennial admits why he never signed up for the military. It’s not because he doesn’t want to fight.

Buying Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter


Tom Burns wonders what the hell is wrong with the manufacturers of children’s underwear.

Gay Pride 2012 on The Good Life

pride montage

Gay Pride on The Good Life

Transformers as an Allegory for Transsexualism in America


Dave Zucker stays up too late watching cartoons.

Cartoons: Transformers is Finally Making That Big Move to Netflix [@spodachozn1]

The classic ’80s cartoon is about to be all up in your Wii, your computer, your tablet and your smartphone.

Trailer: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Brings The Giant Robot Smackdown

The latest battle between Decepticons and Autobots heads for your console this fall.

Opinion: The LATE Commentary Track for the February 22nd Buy Pile, Issue #27 [@cbr] “Four Of A Kind”

An analysis of elements from Hannibal Tabu’s reviews column on Comic Book Resources.

Comics: @brandoneaston Presents New Graphic Novel Shadowlaw

The Thundercats writer brings his own original series to market, a sci-fi story described as Underworld meets Transformers.

News: Thundercats Writer Brandon Easton In Studio for Sunday, November 20th Webcast

The prolific and talented writer will sit down with us for an interview on our last 2011 webcast.

News: In Case You Missed It (from the October 23rd @itskomplicated Webcast)

A summary of news and tech items from our webcast It’s Komplicated on the Geekweek Network.