Why the Transgender Day of Remembrance Was Important

Yesterday was the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. If you missed it, you were likely not alone. Here is one man’s testimony why it was important and worth your attention.

‘But How Do You Know You’re a Man?’: On Trans People, Narrative and Trust

Mitch Kellaway talks about a hard question that comes up in his workshops: “How do you know you’re a man?”

The Reproductive Rights of Trans Men

If a man can become pregnant, is he still a man?

What Real Men Talk About

Justin Cascio talks to T Cooper, author of Real Man Adventures, about writing, crying, and being a real man.

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The Illuminated Lives of Gay Trans Men

The Good Men Project sits down with Dylan Edwards, graphic novelist, to talk about his book, “Transposes,” which tells the stories of seven gay transgender men.

Would You Pay For a Lab-Grown Penis?

The Defense Department is helping underwrite Dr. Anthony Atala’s groundbreaking work on growing new, transplantable penes from donor cells. This is pretty awesome.