How Do You Label a Gender-Neutral Toilet?


Since there seems to be legislative confusion over how to label a gender-neutral bathroom, Sam Killerman has a solution.

School Board Lets Trans Teacher Keep Her Job


For once, there’s a happy ending to a story about ignorant parents attacking a transgender teacher: the school board of Lumberton, Texas has decided to stand by Laura Jane Klug, and returned her to her duties in the school system.

I’d Rather Be Girl-Untitled Documentary-Nicole’s Story


What if you were cast as the wrong character in the story of your life? Would you be brave enough to re-write the script as Nicole is doing?

The Most Transphobic Thing That Ever Happened…


Oliver Lee Bateman examines one of the most transphobic moments in television history.

A Male Spirit Born Into A Female Body


Edie Weinstein discovered what happens when love ‘trans-cends’ gender.

8 Myths About Transgender Men’s Bottom Surgeries

blue jeans

Mitch Kellaway seeks to dispel the myths within the myths surrounding the surgeries that people ask (or make assumptions) about.

All In: Words from the Men of “Manning Up”

Manning Up by Wolf

“Manning Up” is an upcoming anthology of the unique and diverse experiences of trans*men. Here, several of the writers share what the project means to them.

Me and a Bag of Chips

convenience store

Jacob Rostovsky recalls a moment when doing something totally ordinary could have had completely unintended consequences.

We’re Here, We’re Trans, And We’re In Your Pop Culture

Chaz Bono, Candis Cayne

Will 2014 be the the trans tipping point in pop culture?

There’s a Chance Your Daughter Could Become Your Son

two kids

Andy Behrman reminds us that while children’s gender identity might surprise you, their need for love and support will not.

‘But How Do You Know You’re a Man?’: On Trans People, Narrative and Trust

one man

Mitch Kellaway talks about a hard question that comes up in his workshops: “How do you know you’re a man?”

Boom Bye Bye: Sex in the Dancehall Space

Jamaican Dancehall

Elvis Alves talks about conflict in Jamaican dancehall space, which both reflects and dismisses cultural ideas of gender norms.

This is Real. Facebook Adds List of New Gender Options

Just some of the customizable gender choices from Facebook.

Users asked. Facebook listened. They’ve added a customizable list of terms and pronouns for people to identify their gender.

The Myth of the Mute Male

Men do talk about more than just football and beer.

Dillan DiGiovanni grew up with the myth that men don’t talk or share, and has (happily) found it to be untrue.

When You’re an Ally Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Please. Let's work together.

Sam Killerman wrestles with the question of what to do when the people who you ally with throw sticks, and the people who hate them throw stones. Except those sticks and stones are words.

What Does the * in Trans* Stand For?

Trans* Flag

You see the *. Now find out why it’s there.