If This Was Your Transgender Child, How Would You Protect Her?

As men, women, parents, and compassionate and understanding humans, how would you protect her when it comes to the “bathroom debate”?

My Children’s Biological Father is Transgender

Sherry Wood was shocked when the father of her children came out as trangender and abandoned his family. ___ I spent 12 years with my partner. We had three kids, and then got divorced. Then they became transgender. I was shocked. The questions began to arise in my mind: Did I know? How I not […]

Connecticut Holds Transgender Girl in Male Adult Prison

Bathrooms are not the only battleground for transgender rights. Peter LaBerge speaks in the persona of a Connecticut trans girl, incarcerated alongside men.

Journeys Through Trans Masculinity

Men everywhere are speaking out about the pressure they feel to “be a man.” These trans men describe their similar struggles with finding acceptance for who they are.

There is a Price to Pay for Discrimination

Club ordered to pay $15K to trans man beaten and assaulted by bouncers for using men’s restroom.


Ed Madden juxtaposes gender, race, and paint samples in this surprising prose poem.

Comment of the Day: ‘What will the neighbors say?’

Your child should be your first concern.

Transgender Kids Share What it Means to Be Accepted and Loved

Should any child have to ask their parents for love? Isn’t that part of the deal?

A Call for Civil Disobedience in North Carolina to Knock Sense into its Transphobic State Government

Knee jerk impulses and prejudices ran amuck in North Carolina this week as one of the worst transphobic “bathroom” bills was passed. If you live in North Carolina, or any geography that gets a similar law, here is a suggested act of civil disobedience.

Why Transgender Representation in the Media has a Long Way to go

The fact is, that when it comes to films like Dallas Buyers Club, The Danish Girl, and About Ray it is always the “pre-transition” part of the story that is prioritized.

How Brody Jenner Gets Along Better With Caitlyn Than With Bruce

From the words of a son. He likes his dad better in her honest form.

On Gender as a Verb

John Trotten discusses how gender is part of our search for authenticity.

Transgender Oppression (Cissexism) and Conservative Religion

The Catholic Church still has a long way to go when it comes to LGBTQ inclusion.

A Barbershop Experience Marks The Beginning Of A New Chapter In Life For Transgender Man

Only a few months before a study abroad trip to Rome, Charlie had begun hormone therapy and completed top surgery. He was nervous–about the language barrier and about passing as a male–when he walked into a small barbershop in Rome.

Why We Fear Transpersons

What is it about some becoming who “they” were truly meant to be that frightens society?

David Bowie and My Queer Awakening

Did David Bowie have any idea how many lives he touched, and in how many ways?