Why the Transgender Day of Remembrance Was Important


Yesterday was the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. If you missed it, you were likely not alone. Here is one man’s testimony why it was important and worth your attention.

How You Can Change the World Every Day


On the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance, Anthony Doubek shares why the actions of even one person matter.

#whatyounevertaught: 5 Ways to Make Sex Ed Better for Boys


Why should boys be left to learn the hard way about real issues regarding sex and relationships?

Every Child is Equal


Do you know by looking at a child who they will turn out to be?

Manual To My Body


Anthony Doubeck on a transgender man’s battle to love his body.

My Gender Is An Everything Bagel


Sometimes people respond really well to me and we eat cookies together. Sometimes I also get verbally or physically assaulted.

A Man’s Reflection After a Year on the Transgender Journey


Poet Lex Beatty shares about his life over the last year. This might be the most profoundly raw piece you will ever read regarding a man’s personal feelings about the journey to himself and his correct gender.

Fighting Back Against Anti-Transgender Talking Points


Talking points based on misinformation perpetuate discrimination and mistreatment.

A Homophobic Attack on a Woman’s Marriage Helps Her Understand What True “Family” Means

j and N. jpg

Nick is a paramedic and a hero. He married the love of his life, Jessica, and it should have been “happy ever after,” until her cousin ran to the American Family Association to call their marriage a fraud.

My Transman Identity


Anthony Doubek invites you to join in the revolution of rejecting gender confinement and creating space for new identities.

8 Things Parents of Trans Kids Want You to Know


Brynn Tannehill shares experiences from the parents of transgender children.

Call The (Gender) Police!


Brynn Tannehill is tired of people using gender expression as a ground for personal judgment. It’s time for things to change.

I am the T, a Global FtM Documentary


I am the T is a new film that will highlight the stories of trans men from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

I Don’t Judge Robin Williams, Because I’ve Been to the Brink, Too

I Don't Judge Robin by r.f.m. II

“The rational side of you is fully aware you’re not alone in this; the heart and the depression tell you’re the most isolated and worthless person on earth.”

My Queer Life: On Being Transgender and Married. Twice.


Alex Myers married his wife twice. Once as part of a same-sex couple and again as an opposite-sex couple. Here’s what this taught him about marriage.

Ending Myths, Misconceptions and Lies About Gender-Nonconforming Children


As more families open up about their gender-nonconforming children, it becomes increasingly important to put facts before fiction.