6 Reasons ‘In Touch’ Magazine’s Bruce Jenner Cover Will Horrify You

Frank Micelotta/AP

Excuse me, In Touch Weekly, but I think you dropped your ethics. Oh, and I could do a better photoshop job in MS Paint.

They Loved Their Son So Much, They Killed Their Daughter: a Requiem for Leelah


The death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn has stunned America and leaves many questions. Writer Rob Watson compares the reaction to that of the slain Matthew Shepard, and pays tribute to a young life, gone too soon.

Loving a Transgender Person IS a Revolutionary Act


How can we love ourselves enough to live, when our environment tells us that nothing in creation could love a transgender person?

Brazilian Students Skirt Around Discriminatory Dress Code

boys in skirts

Looking for human rights advocates? Brazilian students are there!

The Hypocrisy of Pro-Slur Crybabies

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

Larry Womack wants you to consider a few things before you claim the right to use a slur.

“Name-calling is lazy & the refuge of the uninformed and prejudiced”

Ann Coulter

Stop Calling Ann Coulter Names. Seriously.

Stop Calling Ann Coulter Names. Seriously.


You’re not hurting Ann Coulter by calling her transphobic names. But you are hurting somebody… Erin Nanasi explains.

The Most Transphobic Thing That Ever Happened…


Oliver Lee Bateman examines one of the most transphobic moments in television history.

Gay Dudes, Can You Just Not?


Parker Marie Molloy would like to remind the guys that throwing around the word “tranny” is right up there with throwing around the word _____.

Her Name is Elizabeth. It Used to Be Edward.

Thank you, Beth.

JJ Vincent hopes that one day, the stigma the surrounds dating transwomen will be a thing of the past.

I Almost Witnessed a Hate Crime

end hate, hate crimes, LGBTQ hate crimes, racism in LGBTQ community, intersection of race sexuality, Zach Stafford, Good Men Project

“I am a person of color and I am gay, and I live within a LGBTQ community that seems to not be able to reconcile that.”

What Real Men Talk About

T Cooper interview, T Cooper writer, transgender men, FTM, transmen, Real Man Adventures, gender transition

Justin Cascio talks to T Cooper, author of Real Man Adventures, about writing, crying, and being a real man.

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How I Landed in the Ring with Azealia Banks & Perez Hilton


Janet Mock insists that if we’re going to call famous people out for their disparaging and abusive language, we need to call them all out, no matter what color or gender they are.

Litterbox Guarding


Questioning someone’s right to be in a public restroom is a form of bullying.

Is President Obama a “Real Man”?

Is Sen. Rouzer a Real Man? Of course he is!

Joanna Schroeder doesn’t care if Senator Rouzer thinks President Obama sucks, she just wishes he wouldn’t use the term “Real Man” to exclude those he disagrees with from masculinity.

Everybody’s Trans: Gender Oppression Hurts All of Us

NYC Trans Pride marchers

The freedom of gender expression is not just a trans issue.