Virginia Legislator Proposes Hate-Inspired Toilet Monitoring Legislation

Laws that discriminate against transgender students could become more common as ignorance fuels fear.

A Case for LGBTQ History in Schools

LGBTQ experiences stand as integral strands in the overall multicultural rainbow. Everyone has a right to information that clarifies and explains these histories.

Sam Lamott Teaches His Mom, and Us, About Grace

Jessica Kantrowitz finds hope in Sam Lamott’s handling of his mother’s Caitlyn Jenner Twitter mistake.

What Is Transgender?

A moving and informative explanation of one person’s transgender experience.

Sex, Gender, And Manhood: Lessons From Bruce Jenner’s Coming Out

What we can learn from Bruce Jenner’s coming out and where we’re headed as a society regarding our transgender friends and family.

World’s First Transsexual Man?

In WWII-wra Britain, the decision to share his transition made Michael Dillon a reluctant celebrity.

All In: Words from the Men of “Manning Up”

“Manning Up” is an upcoming anthology of the unique and diverse experiences of trans*men. Here, several of the writers share what the project means to them.

There’s a Chance Your Daughter Could Become Your Son

Andy Behrman reminds us that while children’s gender identity might surprise you, their need for love and support will not.

Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Family, Brotherhood, and Themselves

A new book brings together a diverse range of trans*male voices to share their stories of how they became the men that they are.

Woman Dares Councilman To Stone Her. Guess What Happens Next.

What would you do if someone justified discrimination against you through the Bible? Here’s how one woman handled it.

How Close Is Transgender Acceptance In America?

Beyond not just gender roles but gender itself, trans individuals face both discrimination and complete incomprehension.

Public Bathroom Policies Change in Philly: Gender-Neutral Restrooms Now Required

The City of Brotherly Love just became friendlier to the LGBTQ community with a law that requires gender-neutral restrooms in new and renovated buildings as well as other reforms.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Remembering our dead.

“People insist on using ‘a transsexual’ because it became familiar before anyone cared that it’s a dehumanizing reduction.”

This is a comment by Crip Dyke on the post “Transformers as an Allegory for Transsexualism in America”.

Queer Dictionary Revisited

HeatherN follows up on some hotly debated aspects of her Queer Dictionary, and shares what she’s learned from commenters.

Spelling Queer with L, G, B, & T (and A, I, P…) Part 2

HeatherN offers Part 2 of the “Queer Dictionary” to help understand the terminology surrounding sexuality and gender.